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Your final farewell

Does it pay to plan your funeral in advance?  Yes.  Some funeral operators in BC offer Air Miles for those who buy before they say good-bye. But there can be some consumer pitfalls if you purchase a funeral plan before you die and fail to tell your loved ones. Death is something we will experience yet it's still a topic most of us avoid, and that can cost you. 
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You can plan without actually paying through the Memorial Society of BC . It also may pay to research whether you have family buried at Mountain View Cemetary (or your local one) because you can save money and rest with your ancestors).  There are also other ways to remember such as a memorial bench or a donation to an In Memory fund, but check for the need to renew because some memorial gifts can keep taking for years.  The most important thing that will save you and help your loved ones when they grieve is to tell them your plans and what you want before you die.   If you do decide to purchase a plan in advance, it's good to check with Consumer Protection BC as there are contract rights to protect you and your survivors