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Healthy 'n cheap

Most people think it costs more to eat healthy, but that's just not true.  By changing the way you shop, you can cut your grocery bill and save yourself the cost of getting sick down the road.  I met holistic nutritionist/ food bloger Sondi Bruner at my local store for some tips for saving money and eating well:  

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Some  ways to save money while eating healthy:

- avoid or limit expensive fruits like pineapple, avacado, berries (except for summer splurges)

- shop locally and in sseason, but you don't have to go organic all the time

- eat less meat, try "meatless Monday" or one day a week without meat to start

- make a list and stick to it

- have groceries delivered (avoids impulse buys)

- Plan your meals for as many days as possible

- Cook

- organize your pantry, fridge so you know what you have

- If at a loss of what to cook, peruse recipes on line by entering ingredients in a search engine or visit healthy food websites like nutrition savvy for ideas and inspiration


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