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Pinched: buy the farm? (or fishery?)

CSAs have become trendy. Community Shared Agriculture is when you purchase a share in a farm (like Urban Digs in Vancouver) in the Spring and from June through Fall you receive boxes of freshly harvested local produce.  Now the idea has caught on with  CSFs or Community Supported Fisheries (like Skipper Otto's Community Supported Fishery)  Is it a thrifty deal?  Listen to this week's Pinched: 
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Certainly you will get fresher and more produce with a CSA for around the same price as the grocery store and for more affordably than the farmers market. One catch is you have to take your box every week, so you can end up with a lot of produce that could go to waste. One sollution is to split a share with a neighbour or friend, or embrace the world of canning.

 The CSF prices are extremely competitive when compared to sustainable seafood.  Part of the payoff is that you can feel good about helping local independent farmers and fishermen survive in an increasingly difficult market.  For more information, there's a good list of what's going on in BC on the Farm Folk City folk website.