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Pinched (by) RRSPs?

Should you bother with RRSP investments if you are carrying debt? And what are the funds the banks don't really want you to buy?  Hear what Shiral Tobin learned from "Millionaire Teacher"/ author Andrew Hallam 
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Andrew Hallam use to teach on Vancouver Island but now teaches at a private school in Singapore. He wrote his book because he knows many educated people (like teachers and broadcasters) don't understand finance.  Andrew says the best bet for RRSPs is to invest in a portfolio of low cost index funds. (that's what you have to ask for at the bank, but you need to be persistent in order to get them).  And if you are servicing a high interest debt, you might want to put the RRSPs on hold and focus your efforts on living with your means and paying that debt.  The big lesson: don't be intimidated by thinking the bank or your advisor "knows best". Pay attention to where your money is or it could cost you later.

 Happy New Year.