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It's only early November and you can't avoid the C-word: Christmas! 

Craft show season is upon us, but before you get carried away, Shiral Tobin asks if "crafty" is synonymous with "costly"? 

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It doesn't have to be. 

Artists like June Hunter who sell at events like the big Circle Craft Christmas Market do their best to price  items so they actually move.  There is usually a range of $5 to $500.  Circle Craft has been around for 38 years and is definitely the "big" show in town, but there are many other, smaller craft fairs that don't have the dollars to advertise. That often means deals can be found.  Got Craft is branded as an "indie craft fair" and some of the best Christmas Craft deals of the season are found at the Nikkei Place Craft and Bake Fair (which also has no cover charge-hooray!)  It runs two days, so be sure to go on day one in on the highly popular food.  Expect lines and fantastic deals on knitted and other crafty items with Japanese flair.   Of course for on-line, direct buying from artists, there's always Etsy. 


Happy craft hunting...and if you're one of those people who ALWAYS gets their holiday shopping done early, I'd love you to email me your tricks and tips to shiral.tobin@cbc.ca