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Pinched- Appliances

Is it better to repair your old appliance or buy something new? 

Fixing it CAN be more expensive than a new one, but "they" sure don't make appliances like they did in your Mom's day.  Shiral Tobin has advice on how to make those mechanical helpers work without breaking your bank.

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Who doesn't like the look of a brand new appliance.  But the bottom line is they cost about the same as they did 15 or so years ago. That's because they are made more cheaply. So get an estimate before you commit either way.  Here's some other tips:

* Think used.  You can buy a newly rebuilt appliance that could last you for years for half the price of new at places like B-Line in Vancouver. (they'll also take your old appliance for recycling FOR FREE.


* What's a scratch or a dent going to hurt? You can buy new at a 40-60% discount for appliances that have been cosmetically damaged along the way at places like New Country Appliances

* Before committing to a hefty repair bill, why not try fixing it yourself?  There is plenty of help on line from people like British James who posts easy to follow videos on line.

* New appliances will only last about 8 years these days, so before you think of ditching that old faithful appliance for something shiny and new, think again. And good luck.