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Pinched: New Business

Feeling "pinched" in this dreary jobs economy? Why not make your own dream job? 



Sarah Savoy was unsatisfied at work so she decided to stop putting off her dream to open her own business.  Hear the lessons she's learned so far along the way.

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Sure...some people might think she's crazy to go into the retail business when consumer confidence is so low and the economy is shaky. But Sarah doesn't want fear to limit her priorities.  She's made her plan and hopes to have her new houseware store open next month. Here's a few things she learned about how to save money when getting started:

1. Clear your own customs. Instead of hiring a customs broker, you can save by learning to do it yourself. Canada Border Services Agency has a course for it.

2. Handy work: Hire a professional if you need to, but Sarah saved a lot by having her husband finish the store renovation.

3. Business Plan: make one and stick to it and set money aside for a cash cushion for those times when business is slow.  Small Business BC offers many seminars.