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Pinched: bras or bust

Bigger may be better for some, but it also means a bigger price tag.  Shiral Tobin goes in search of savings and support without being pinched by the cost ... or pinched at all.
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Claire Dumican noticed something when she moved to Vancouver from England 7 years ago: our sizes are smaller, both clothing and bras.  And as a busty gal she was frustrated she couldn't find the bras that best fit her form. So she launched her Butterfly Collection Lingerie: an online store for D-cup and larger that she runs out of her charming West End apartment.  (free delivery and a great, pretty collection).

clairebutterfly.jpgSure gals who shop for an A or B cup may be able to buy 3 bras for $40 at La Senza or Victoria Secret. But women who need more support will have to pay between about $60 and $175 to get the proper bra.  

Think you're someone who isn't a D?  Think again. I thought I was a D-cup and it turns out I'm (gasp) a G-cup. It's hard to say but it feels fantatic.  And let's face it, your "girls" (as Claire calls them) are worth the investment.  Most of us are wearing bras with too large a band and too small a cup.   This happens because that's what's out there in department and lingerie stores.   In Vancouver you can also go to Diane's Lingerie to invest in a solid bra.  And if you have a pile of old bras that don't fit you properly, you can take them to Diane's to donate for a great charity project this fall.

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