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Pinched: Foragers

The world is your buffet and you don't even have to pay!  At least that's if you can learn to spot edible food in your everyday environment.

Urban Foraging is a growing trend among those who want to eat local and be more connected to the food chain. It's also a way to get food for free. But it takes some tenacity and a whole lot of desire.  While the "code" of foragers would have you ask for permission to pick or gather on private property, many a community garden has been raided of its tastey crops.  And things like fiddleheads (Spring) and mushrooms (Fall) are favourites for foragers but they mostly grow on park land (not legal to harvest there).  There are even  local tours to help you know how to spot food amid the weeds.

Listen to hear more tips on foraging in the city from Vancouverite James Sherrett.

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