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Pinched-Bulk food

Does bulk always mean a good deal?  Sometimes yes sometimes no. Bulk means different things to different people. It might mean a small scoop from a  bin at the grocery store, a trip to Costco, or for thrifty families who want to eat well, it might mean trying a wholesale bulk buying group.


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Did you know anyone can buy wholesale? You don't need to be a commercial business. Sure, you need to buy a lot, but if you divide produce with neighbours or friends, you can save about 30% on food costs.  Who says healthy has to be expensive?    And if you have the storage room, why not buy things like quinoa or legumes in bulk? If you order enough from places like Mumm's Canadian Webstore shipping is free. 

But the option to buy LESS is also a way to save waste and taste and the owners of "Weigh to Go" in Vancouver's West side (3534 W. 4st Avenue, Vancouver 604- 266-6206) make it their business to provide healthy food at low prices.

Whether big or small, produce or spices, exploring bulk buying can save you money. A tight budget is no excuse to throw good health away.