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Pinched: Garden Green

Sewing the seeds of Savings...Shiral Tobin has the dirt on how to make your garden grow without spending too much green.

One ray of sunshine in this dismal weather we had is that it's not too late to get a good deal on plants for your garden.  Almost everyone is late getting started this year, so there are many retailers looking to unload their green goods. The best way to save is to buy directly from the grower if you can.  Garden designer Stephen Stewart says it pays to buy smaller plants if you have the patience.  He goes to places like Langley's Free  Spirit Nursery where there is less volume but unique choices for hardy perennials: it's organic but because they grow most of what they sell, the price is much less than big nurseries.  It pays to buy from the grower for hanging baskets if you can.  I always head to Greenfield Farms in Cloverdale (8955 176th Street, Surrey BC) for incredible deals on lush hanging baskets (in the $20 range!). Definitely worth the drive.  

Other tips to cut cost in the garden: search for coupon specials daily and weekly;  water your investment; order soil (compost) from the City of Vancouver and just pay delivery; research and plan before you plant; take the free advice at your garden centre; avoid the impulse buy; and plant food for satifaction and savings.  Happy planting.

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