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Childcare Costs

Pinched by the guilt and the price!  Everybody is looking to save money where we can, but is there such a thing as affordable childcare?  And does it REALLY pay to be thifty when it comes to kid care?  Hear why many parents are choosing illegal options to avoid the soaring costs.

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There aren't many affordable options unless you have family support and ways to get creative with childcare. But you can get the list of care in your community and find out who is licensed and who is not.  If you are even THINKING of conceiving in the near future, you might want to start your research now (wait lists can be 2 years!)

Many parents resort to Craigslist and the shorty list to find nannies and daycare, but the screening process is up to.  Most parents are left to their own devices and have to rely on their gut when it comes down to it.

And finding a babysitter is a whole other story.  Some parents are even resorting to speed dating with the Lullaby league.

So how are YOU coping with the cost of childcare?