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Gift Cards

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Forget the Ides of March, beware of gift card loopholes!
What to do when you get Pinched by the wallet?
If expiration dates have been banned on gift certificates, why do some gift cards still expire?
Not all gift cards are created equally.  And there are several loopholes, but a gift card in a cash amount issued after November 2008 should be honoured.
The exceptions:
* If the card is written for a service ie not a dollar amount
* Mall Cards: after 15 months, it's legal for the mall to take $2.50 a month off the card.
* phone cards, cash cards from credit card companies: always check the fine print for charges and expiration information

The best thing to do if you don't want to buy a gift for someone is to give them cash. That way you avoid losing or wasting your hard earned cash.  And your procrastinating friend (me) won't feel so guilty for not using the GC in time.

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