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Spring Cleaning

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OK. These are photos of my basement:

ST_basement1.jpgstbasement2.jpgAs you can see, there are clutter issues. Since we know clutter costs us money, I called for some professional help.  Listen to the link below for advice on how to tackle those piles of stuff you've ignored for far too long!

Some basic tips for attacking clutter:

* Don't do it alone: get help from a friend or someone who will push you to REALLY explain why you are keeping something you haven't touched in 10 years.

* Do it in chunks:  attack the clutter in small bits. Finish one area and then move onto the other instead of opening several fronts.

* When you decide to give something away, get it out of your home. Drop it off or have someone pick it up. Many charities collect your belongings and someone else may need that item and can use it now.

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