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Chinatown Economic Revitalization

The City been working with the community to revitalize Chinatown for many years. In 2010, City Council directed staff to undertake a new initiative to further support Chinatown:

THAT Council as a priority directs staff to report back on a Chinatown Economic Revitalization Plan with a focus on near term action strategies, building upon existing revitalization initiatives (Hastings Street Fa├žade Program, Chinatown Awning Program, Heritage Incentive Program and various initiatives under "Great Beginnings") and heritage values, to immediately support Chinatown.

THAT the resources and expertise of the Vancouver Economic Development Commission be engaged, in consultation with the Chinatown BIA, Chinatown Merchants Association and other expert organizations as needed, to support the creation of the Chinatown Economic Revitalization plan.

Development of the Chinatown Economic Revitalization Action Plan is now underway, Tonight there will be a full house public workshop. Other events are being planned.