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World leading authority on climate change

The Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions (PICS) is hosting a public lecture by world-leading Swiss scientist and climate physicist Dr. Thomas Stocker on Tuesday, June 7 in downtown Vancouver.

Stocker holds one of the most prestigious assignments in the scientific world as co-chair of Working Group I of the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). He also heads the division of climate and environmental physics at the University of Bern, which is at the cutting edge of climate and climate impact research.

His talk, 'Climate Change: Why do we know that we know', will explain the physical science basis of climate change. "At a time when the public debate on global warming is rife with doubt and uninformed statements, we must remind ourselves that without the contribution of physics to climate science over many decades, the IPCC could not have concluded in 2007 that "warming in the climate system is unequivocal," Stocker says.

Using a combination of global observations, climate process understanding and climate models, Stocker will explain how scientists detect and attribute past, as well as project future, climate change. "Using robust scientific methods is the only way we can accurately be informed about possible futures, and have the foundation for sound policy decisions as we prepare for a changing planet," he says.

This event is an important opportunity for British Columbians to learn about the latest physical scientific discoveries, and to ask questions on the IPCC, the leading international body for assessing climate change.

WHAT: Free public lecture in Vancouver by Dr. Thomas Stocker, IPCC
WHEN: 7:30 - 9 p.m., Tuesday, June 7
WHERE: Fletcher Challenge Canada Theatre (room 1900), 515 West Hastings St, SFU Harbour Centre

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