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Uniycles: One Wheel, Twice the Fun?

A unicycle can go pretty much any place a bicycle can go...and then some. It's a vehicle for sport, performance and just plain commuting.

Vancouver has a small but growing unicycle community. We chatted with mountain-uni pioneer Kris Holm, who recently published a book on "Muni." We also met Cirque Du Soleil's Yuko and Saikomi Saitano. The sisters do an jaw-dropping synchronized unicycle dance in Amaluna. And who could resist giving it a try if you've got Cirque coach Stacy Clarke helping you out?

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Kris Holm with his mountain unicycle

Saikomi and Yuko rehearse under le Grand Chapiteau

Cirque coach Stacy Clarke and nervous student Margaret Gallagher

Saikomi and Yuko