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Can a Cargo Bike Replace a Family Car?

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Cargo bikes are specifically designed to carry heavy or bulky loads with maximum ease. They include "longtails", "longjohns" or front loader bikes and trikes, or even regular bikes extended with a special kit.

Cargo bikes are becoming increasingly popular in places like Holland and Denmark, especially for families. With the exception of perhaps Portland, they are far less common in North America, but cargo bike enthusiasts say with the right bike, you can even replace the family car for at least some trips. Tania Lo of Momentum Magazine and Marie-Louise Rohl both use cargo bikes to transport their two children. Neither family owns a car.

Martin Waliszewski believes that cargo bikes are the logical solution to the rising cost of fuel and increased congestion. Plus, he and his young family love using a cargo bike, for a least some of their trips. His company Transportation-Alternative imports high-end Scandanavian cargo bikes, and sees a growing market for the cargo bikes.

A few cargo bike links:

Tania Lo and Gwendal Castellan Wedding Photo on Xtracycle _photo by Dominique Labrosse.jpg
Tania Lo and Gwendal Castellan got married on a cargo bike
Martin Waliszewski and daughter Mia on a Bullitt
Marie-Louise Rohl takes her young family to school
Tania taking the girls on Bike the Blossoms on Xtracycle Edgerunner Electric(1).jpg
Tania Lo transporting two kids

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