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Custom Comfort

If you're a city cyclist who rides a mountain or road bike, there's a good chance your ride isn't as comfy as it could be.

Danu Huber of The World Cycles customizes bikes for comfort. He says that older mountain and road bikes (which many folks ride) were designed with racing in mind--not city riding.

Things have improved in recent years, with more options available in the market. But Danu says it's worth it to make improvements if you've got an older bike, which he compares to a fine musical instrument that may need tuning.

So, I left my trusty 20-year-old mountain bike with him to change up the handlebars for comfort. (I already got rid of the racing seat and the knobby tires...another unnecessary feature in the city.) I'll get it back later today.

How about you? Could your bike use a few adjustments?

My bike came back with new handlebars, new shifters, new grips and new pedals. It took a bit of adjustment but yes, I love it even more now. And my neck and shoulders thank me (and so do my shoes...I finally got rid of those grippy pedals that were scuffing up my footwear). Before and after posted below.

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