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Biking with Kids

Learning to ride a bike is pretty much a childhood rite of passage. How do you prepare your kids to ride with traffic? And what's the right age to hit the road on two wheels?

We spoke with Dr. Shelina Babul-Wellar of a sports injury specialist and associate director of the BC Injury Research and Prevention Unit at the Child and Family Research Institute. She recommends younger children always ride supervised, wear a properly fitted helmet, and know the rules of the road. Karen Ageson teaches safe cycling to families and in schools through the Vancouver Area Cycling Coalition. She says parents should make sure kids can ride in a straight line, stay focused, and properly use handbrakes.

We also went along for the ride with Mike Hollingshead and his young family. They regularly commute to daycare by bike. Mike pulls  two-and-a-half-year-old Hannah in a trailer, while Oliver, who is almost five, rides along with his two-wheeler. Slow, steady, and supervised the key to their safe ride, which the whole family enjoys.
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