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Putting a Lid On It

The law says if you want to ride in bike in BC, you must wear a helmet. But what if you hate the look? Or think think it's too expensive?

We looked at some helmet options for people who think wearing a helmet is a fashion crime. Former bike tour guide Marco Biron owns Bernstein & Gold, where he sells fashionable European bikes and accessories, including the Yakkay helmet, which resembles a hat with its interchangable covers.

We also spoke with Dustin Bromley of the Prohab Helmet Society. The non-profit organization gives away free helmets by request. They were motivated to do something positive after a friend's cycling accident.

My two-year-old loves her colourful helmet. She used to try to wear it to bed, as pictured below.

Thumbnail image for helmetdustin.jpg
Thumbnail image for helmetnutcase.jpg

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