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High Velocity: Sharing the Seawall at Science World

path.jpgThe seawall can be a mighty crowded place, especially the stretch from the False Creek Community Centre, past Science World and through to the Plaza of Nations. Weekday mornings and afternoons, two-footed and two-wheeled commuters attempt to share the path with leisurely visitors and Science World patrons. Add to that mix Science World construction and a couple of bikeways that connect to the seawall on either end, and you've got accidents waiting to happen, especially between cyclists and pedestrians.

That's according to Fern Jeffries of the False Creek Residents Association. She'd like to see Concord Pacific finish the seawall on the north end. The developer says they have plans in the works to make some interim improvements, but no final plans as of yet. Other seawall users say they'd like to see a separated bike lane, and better signage from the city. In the meantime, Fern asks folks to take care.