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Turning Treasures in Trash

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Each weekend folks put out thousands of curbside "donations" hoping someone will take away their old table, couch, microwave, etc. But what happens when items are left behind? Especially after they get rained on?

The City of Vancouver spends thousands of dollars each year retrieving abandoned furniture, mattress and electronics. According to the Recycling Council of British Columbia, if dealt with differently, many of these items could have found new life in a new home (or recycled instead of sent to landfill).

Throughout May, the City will use social media to share info on reducing/reusing/recycling and disposing responsibly. Plus, you can always call the Recycling Council of BC Hotline to find out what to do with your stuff.

Hugh and Joan Tayler are doing their part to "share the wealth" with the free table they run along the Adanac bike route. It takes a bit of work, but they say it's worth it. Just don't take the table, please! (They've lost three already.)

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