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Album almanac

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First off, happy birthday to Simon's wife In Soo in North Vancouver, and he requested a very eclectic track by Myriam Alter to celebrate.

And then it's Album Anniversary day!  Three major albums have milestones today: 30 years ago, Paul McCartney's Tug Of War is released... a fine collection of under-rated songs, all with the help from the 5th Beatle George Martin.

And XTC's swansong as a full trio Nonesuch turns 20 today - the album I really discovered them past "Making Plans for Nigel".  Since it was released, they lost one of their integral talents Dave Gregory, became independent and released two albums before Andy and Colin completely broke off ties and now only work on seperate projects.  XTC no more.

And Marshall Crenshaw's career kicked-off with his debut in 1982 on his self-titled album, featuring some of the best pop songs written since.  The album is chock full of tunes with a 50's influence, but a fresh sound that still is so catchy 30 years on.

Marshall is currently running a fan-funded kickstarter campaign for an EP subscription service.. all the details here.

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