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Carried away

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Last day of Winter, technically.

Nice song from Red Sky July to begin the program from their latest (free covers EP on their news page - get it now!) , then to a lesser-known Beach Boys tune from their L.A. (Light Album) released today in 1979.

Patrick in Mill Bay asked for a tune by Mike Oldfield featuring Maggie Reilly, and for Don in Nakusp and Rod in Vancouver... from vinyl, a track off Bob Dylan's debut album which turns 50 years old today.

ETA: and thanks to Tom Anderson who sent in this note:

"Interesting that you would choose to play "Song for Woody" from Dylan's first album, as I chose that same song, plus "Freight Train Blues," the very first time I played anything of Dylan's on my Rhythms of the Earth program in September of 1962. 

The album was in our small record library but no one had even listened to it.  I looked at the cover and put it back, but later gave it a listen and was very much impressed.  I asked a few folkie friends about Dylan and they'd never heard of him.  Neither had the only other broadcaster in L.A. who aired folk music.  So I added those two songs to my next playlist.  The phones didn't stop ringing for weeks."

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