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Goodbye to love

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As you may or not know, the CBC Vancouver record library is closing down... half of the collection will be sent to the Toronto library for future digitization, the rest are going to other institutions (here's a background to why).

The ability to have thousands of tracks at my digital disposal is a handy tool, but there are other advantages to having a physical library that I will certainly miss.  In a perfect world, I could have both.

Besides missing John, who runs the library... I will no longer be able to just browse the shelves, which was one of my favourite parts of going to the library.  The discovery of whatever might be lurking there, or just the sheer luck of a name popping out that I hadn't thought of in a long time...I can't do that anymore.

There are still decades worth of recorded music that is not on CD, not on iTunes, and not re-released for whatever reason.  Having all of it available to me at any time was something I will dearly miss, as it also means my ability to fulfill requests will be that much more difficult.

The CDs will be the easier out of the bunch to access and some of the vinyl, but for the 45s and the 78s, that's a different story.

So, this week I've gone down to the CBC Vancouver shelves where the 78's are stored:

And chosen a stack to play this week... no digital removal of pops, clicks or surface noise - just good ol' vinyl sound, and today I've got platters from The Three Suns, Whistlin' Ronnie, Ella Mae Morse, Singin' and Swingin' with Sammy Kaye and finally Gene Krupa with his Orchestra.

By the way, the paper sleeves on these discs are just as old as the records (some going back to the early 1900's) and often fall apart as you touch them.  The dust from these sleeves is also getting into the grooves, making them noisier.

And I'm also posting label scans of every record I play this week, so their memory will live on a little bit longer.

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