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Nirvana Day

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...that's a Nirvana in the Buddhist sense, not the band (or the other one)

And the music today kind of fits that sense of Nirvana in different ways - starting with a tune by Sharlene Wallace, a harpist from Ontario that was in Vancouver last year for the Harpist Convention.  The sound of the harp is usually associated with calmness..

And so is Kite Flying Day!  And the Free Design lift your spirits with their voices..

...and just when I start the get all new-agey, Ernie and Bert find enjoyment in Clinky and Clonking, as it is the 75th birthday of Joe Raposo, the man who wrote so many timeless songs like "Bein' Green", "ABCDEFG", "Would You Like To Buy An O?", "Sing"... all the great Sesame Street Songs (and the music to "Three's Company").

And Joe was also a big fan of Spike Jones, and I'll never miss an opportunity to get him on the show.

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