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Welcome to February

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Hmm... I see by the discussion at the Earlier Umbraphile Facebook group page that Norman is getting geared up for the annual Extremely Difficult Earlier Valentine's Day Contest!  What will it be this year?  Stay tuned..

Meanwhile, February is Cherry Month... and so begins with the traditional song of the Cherry Blossom (the other one, not Perez Prado, not yet anyway) performed by James Hill and Anne Davison.

Then a request came in from Arielle for the music of her late friend Laura Allan, who died from cancer in 2008 - I had not heard Laura's music before, but I'm very thankful for Arielle introduced me to it.  Her albums are extremely difficult to find, and there are only a handful of pages about her online but I'm hoping more interest in her music will change that.

And speaking of being taken too soon, Laura Branigan died in 2004 at the age of 47 and I'm playing a rare b-side that Laura wrote (she didn't get to record many of her songs in the part of her career).

It's Don Everly's 75th birthday today (Phil turned 73 two weeks ago), so of course I have some Everly Brothers, and Newt Gingrich getting sued by the band Survivor made me turn to my Big Daddy record collection...

And also Black History Month begins, and the great Count Basie and his Orchestra have another "cherry" selection for you.

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