Past Shows: February 2012 Archives

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Winding down the gramophone

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Last day for spinning these 78s from the CBC shelves.. I've had some wonderful feedback so I might try to do something like this again before the library shuts down for good at the end of March.

All female vocalists starting with Kathryn Grayson, Jo Stafford, Peggy Lee, Helen Carroll and finishing up with Georgia Carr.

I'm on vacation until March 5th - so Alya Ramadan will be doing the show from Kelowna next week.

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'Round the world in 78 rpms

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All songs from 78 rpm records about places this morning...

Oscar Peterson, Stan Kenton, The McGuire Sisters, Winifred Atwell and her piano and Dick "High Pants" Contino takes us to Spain, Italy, Ecuador, London and Spain again.

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Revolutions per minute

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Half-way through our week of playing 78s, chosen from the shelves of the CBC record library here in Vancouver, before it closes and I can't do this kind of thing again.

Since it's Ash Wednesday, I'll play The Lyric Singers for Rhonda in West Vancouver - then for the people in the Delta and Richmond areas, a tune by the great Paul Robeson.

Then it's down to Kansas with Ray McKinley, and then off to Nova Scotia for Alberta Slim with Clover Lane.

And we finish up with a little cowboy doo-wop by Bob Wills and his Texas Playboys.