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This flat old earth

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Starting with a tune that is a bit different, but certainly very interesting... requested by Norman Dale of Prince George, a song that mentions tea by the Edmonton band The Awesomehots.

Have you visited Norman's Umbraphiles of Earlier Facebook group yet?

Thomas Dolby is coming to Vancouver, playing in April supporting his newest record... but I'm playing a song from his Astronauts and Heretics album, the last pop record he made before taking 15 years off.  He's also asking the question "If you had 30 seconds to explain to an alien visitor what went wrong with our civilization, what would you say?"  They didn't buy enough Dolby records, perhaps?

Also playing a cut by Roger Joseph Manning Jr: once a member of the legendary band Jellyfish, but also worked in Moog Cookbook, a side player for Beck and many other musical masks.

And a little of the concert from 1982 when Etta James sat in in with the Grateful Dead.

Happy Lunar New Year!

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