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Happy 75th CBC!

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Yes, 75 years.  I'm very honoured to be a small part of that history, and today on the show I've gone to the CBC recorded archives for a tiny selection of the sessions that were recorded just for the CBC.

Sometimes the artists were so pleased with the recordings they were released, but in many cases the songs remained a part of the CBC library, unavailable to the public.

So today music you probably haven't heard for a very long time from Three Marias (Qwen Swick, Cherie Camp and Shirley Eikhard), and rare tracks by Stan Rogers, and Kate and Anna McGarrigle.

One song featured today was sold as a part of the CBC Song Market competition from 1967, the winning song written by Bruce Barrie of Prince George called "Kiss The Wind", sung by Mr. House of Frightenstein...Billy Van.  And if anyone knows of Bruce's whereabout, let me know!

And thanks to all the entries for the Disc Drive 20th annversary Cookbook giveaway - I've found five additional copies, so there will be TEN drawn at random tomorrow morning.

And we wrap our tiny salute to the CBC with a popular TV show theme written by Bob McMullin:

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