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Do it again

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Our resident weather rep Norman Dale in Prince George sent me a link to this video that he posted online, after patiently awaiting permission from the performer Priscilla Herdman, and the composers (Griam MacGregor and Jay Ungar):

Today is also Nellie McClung's birthday... Canadian activist, politician and feminist, and Maria Dunn wrote a song based on a speech she gave in 1914 (the complete story details and lyrics are here) - and so it's only the 39th birthday of Steely Dan's debut disc Can't Buy A Thrill (released sometime in October 1972)..

And the lastest podcast is out - you can download it or subscribe (also in iTunes) - featuring Andy "Rock Me Gently" Kim!  You get a track from his brand new album Happen Again, and on the show... his alter-ego Baron Longfellow from 1980.

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