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All Hallows Eve

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Spooky sounds... terrifying tunes... macabre melodies... creepy chords... killer key changes?

Yes, time for the 4th annual Hallo'ween edition of Earlier... this year murderous material by Elmer Bernstein, The Five Blobs, Arch Oboler and the infamous "Chicken Heart", and Bob McFadden with DOR by request from Diamond Joe in North Vancouver.

...and a visit from The Librarian from the Hilarious House of Frightenstein.

Want more?  Try on this episode of Suspense where a DJ dares to spend the night in a haunted house with unsettling results (hundreds more for free download here).

And David Witt posted this fan-made animated version of Disney's Haunted Mansion... Happy Hallo'ween!

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Nothing ever lasts forever

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Thanks to Simon in North Vancouver for the tip of the jazz trio The Bad Plus, taking on a 80s hit by Tears For Fears in a very beautiful arrangement.

BC songwriter David Francey is nominated for two Canadian Folk Music Awards for his latest album Late Edition, and I'll bring out something by Kimmie Rhodes from her album Dreams Of Flying.

And happy International Animation Day!  Below I've posted one of the greatest achievements in animation.. Walt Disney's The Old Mill, and got another classic tune on the show from the first full-length animated movie I saw: The Jungle Book.

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Pools of xylophone clear

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Bruce Cockburn's latest album Small Source Of Comfort has been nominated in four categories for the upcoming Canadian Folk Music Awards..

And a "big day" around here... XTC's Skylarking turns 25 years old!  It has been re-released on vinyl by Andy Partridge's APE Records, with the tinny-no-bass sound corrected (due to an original mastering problem that was present in every known release!) complete with the original banned naughty cover-art (out of stock apparently).  Playing a 'suite' of two tracks from the vinyl version today...

...and CBC Kelowna's and past-BCCAA Women's Volleyball Provincial All-Star Alya Ramadan was having a bad day yesterday, and asked if she could hear some funkRufus and Chaka Khan with a little extra dose of The Meters should help...