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Autumn leaves are clogging up the sewers

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So many versions of "Autumn Leaves" to choose, since the official arrival of Fall at 2am this morning... so let's go with the popular Jo Stafford, reportedly recorded the first English-translated version (and the internet is never wrong).

Speaking of the internet... via the magical tubes listener Gary Woloski sent me this po-em he wrote while cycling and gave me permission to post:

Push-bike or motor
Don't brake like you not otter
Nor leaf a skid mark.

- Gary Woloski, 2008

Then to a request for John in Vancouver for Rosie Flores, and a new track from Nick Lowe's latest album The Old Magic... he appeared on Q recently as well.

The latest podcast is out - subscribe here or download it directly - featuring a 15-minute prog-rock opus by Spookey Ruben.  Since I can't play that on Earlier, I have a different cut from another album of his...

...and Nirvana's Nevermind turns 20 years old tomorrow, so we wrap with fellow Seattle musician Sara DeBell, who recorded a version of their signature tune that everyone can enjoy.

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