Past Shows: September 2011 Archives

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Honey don't!

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The amount of Sandy Denny unreleased or repackagings never seem to stop... in addition to the 19-CD set last year, there's another informal recording from the the 60's out now called 19 Rupert Street, and until I get a copy I've pulled a track from the Live the BBC box set.

It's Buddy Rich's birthday (lots of videos and music at the drummerworld site) - "Mr. Personality" as quipped by a librarian in the CBC building.  Apparently, there was a sensitive side to Buddy...

Playing Dame Vera Lynn earlier this week got Don Olds wanting to hear more music from his "teen years", in particular... Groucho Marx!

And will Bobby Goldsboro's "Honey" make it to the airwaves this year?

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A reason to smile

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We begin the show with some cheery music by Sowande from the African Suite requested by Debby in Vancouver, performed by the CBC Vancouver Orchestra (the original theme to Gilmour's Albums).

Then something for Nommeqa in Nelson, who was looking for a tune called "Diamonds and Pearls", and it turned out to be Sherry Kean (she had a bit hit in '83 with "I Want You Back"), and then some more Canadian rockabilly/pop from Jeffrey Hatcher and the Big Beat.

And as the Honey poll and month of September comes to a close, Desmond in Sooke asked for a honey of a Beach Boys tune.

And looks what's coming in November!

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Love's in need of love today

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You can never go wrong starting off with Dusty Springfield...

Also, Stevie Wonder's fantastic Songs In The Key Of Life turns 35 years old today - there's no filler on this record, which is quite a feat for a double-album with an extra four songs, especially considering this album was following his masterpieces Innervisions and Fulfillingness First Finale.

Toronto's Nick Zubeck has a new album (I haven't heard it yet, but it's currently available for free download from bandcamp page), but I'm playing one of his older ones to get familiar with his catalog again, and a request for Queen from Harry, dedicated to Becky.