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Yes, I'm off for two weeks after today... Alya Ramadan in Kelowna will be filling on for that time, and if you'd like to contact her, click here to send her an email.

Brand new music from a new discovery for me (although she's been around for 30 years) - Kimmie Rhodes, songwriter and friend to people lile Emmylou Harris, Waylon Jennings, and more.

It's Maurice Sendak's birthday, and my introduction to his work was through the Really Rosie animated special with music by Carole King.

Dusty!  I don't play enough Dusty.

And on my quest to collect all 45s from my collection onto a digital format, including the ones that I just remembered but never actually got a copy...after 35 years, a mystery is solved, and it turns out to be The Wurzels!

Have a safe weekend, see you again on June 27th!
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