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The paradise

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Happy birthday to In Soo in North Vancouver - her husband Simon wrote in to say her favourite film is Cinema Paradiso, so we have the original soundtrack conducted by the composer Ennio Morricone.

Also, today is National Day of Mourning in Canada, recognizing those hurt or killed on the job.  One tune by Elvis Costello springs to mind immediately for this day, of which there have been many covers but Tasmin Archer does a fine job - followed by a song from James Keelaghan's large catalog of great material.

And we wrap up with a golden Canadian oldie from Ken Tobias.

And it's Great Poetry Reading Day... if you're so inclined to share your prose you can add it in the comments below or email me your poem, like Roland in Courtenay did:

"Out at First"

Some said 'his last game.'
But there was no hesitation in his step,
Three paces to the mound
Fingering the cherished grail
Of the one and holy game that mattered

He scowled back third and short
Who were crowding for the bunt
And muttered , 'that's not where it's comin' down',
But center field was steady and
He knew for sure he'd read the ball he threw.

He threw it high and spinning slow,
The batter grinned, an easy lay to first
But the ball dropped low, too low
Then crack, there is no bunt
But a lifted ball that sails over seconds' head
To kiss the grass and meet the glove of centerfield

-out at first.