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I had a Grace Under Pressure sweatshirt...

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Rush!  I managed to get Rush on the show...I won't tell you which one.  But it also features Hugh Syme, who is also a musician but best known as a graphic designer who's made every Rush album cover since 1975 and done hundreds of others.

David Bradstreet released three albums in the late 70s, had a hand in bringing Jane Siberry to the world, and wrote "Renaissance", a big hit for Valdy.  He's also got a new album out!

Luba didn't win the most promising vocalist award in 1983, but then won best female vocalist for 3 years straight after that.

And Meryn Cadell wraps up the show, he lost the most promising vocalist award but "The Sweater" was a surprise hit in the first place, and it was listed on Spin Magazine's Best Songs of All Time.  Angel Food For Thought has been reissued with bonus tracks and is highly recommended.
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