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Past Shows: March 2011 Archives

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Marching out

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Ah the month comes to a close, and the weather is bringing a particular piece of music to mind by Vladimir Cosma.

Robbie Robertson is being inducted into the Canadian Songwriters Hall of Fame on Saturday, and he's also released a new album - and happy birthday to Mr. Tijuana Brass...Herb Alpert!

And this weather is not agreeing with Sandy in the Not-So-Sunshine Coast who wants to hear Roy Orbison to warm up.

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Ray & Rolf

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Music from guitarist Ray Montford this morning who has put his entire backcatalog on bandcamp for your listening pleasure.

And happy birthday to honourary Vancouverite Rolf Harris, and in a roundabout sort-of-way Big Daddy pay "tribute" to Celine Dion.

And a cat request from Poppy Waters on Salt Spring Island, and Simon in North Van sends the same song by the Stray Cats out to some real stray cats.

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Crazy hip

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A little musical leftover from the previous Juno week by way of Neil Young, who is the Artist of the Year for 2011 and Daniel Lanois snagged Producer of the Year for Le Noise.

And March is Poetry Month, and I haven't played any!  So let's fix that with Shorty Petterstein and the great Ken Nordine.

And ex-That Dog member Anna Waronker has released her long-awaited second solo album called California Fade.