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1967: Day Four

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Fresh from his success with the Walker Brothers, 1967 saw the release of the debut solo album by Scott Walker...

And The Kinks followed up their 1966 Face to Face album with another classic Something Else, featuring a great song I have to play - Ray Davies is playing in Vancouver in July as well.

Scott McKenzie had the song of the summer, especially if you liked to put flowers in your hair and lived in...say, San Francisco.

Something completely different from The Scaffold, an outfit that had Paul McCartney's brother Mike McGear as a member, and for Roland in Courtenay... very early David Bowie.

And Ron in Vancouver sent me a link to this documentary "Smile 'Til It Hurts" that I really want to see - as he was a touring member of Up With People in 1967:

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1967: Day Three

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It's interesting to focus on just one year, so much diversity in genres that were all popular in their own way...

Gordon Lightfoot released his second album The Way I Feel in 1967, and I have a tune from that, plus Cilla Black, who didn't release any albums that year but some great singles - and Aretha Franklin released what is regarded as one of her best I Never Loved A Man The Way I Love You.

Sad news as we lost Doc Watson yesterday - keeping with the theme, a cut from his 1967 album Ballads From Deep Gap (his hometown), and since we got the blues... why not a little Albert King?

And here's what Stan Freberg was up to in '67:

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1967: Day Two

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1967 saunters on with the smooth soft sounds of the psychedelic ... sandbox?  Looking for too much alliteration.

The Free Design, Anita Kerr Singers, Don Costa's singers, and looking at some of the top television shows and movies of 1967... like Mr. Dressup and a tune from Lulu.

And a little bit of Beatles, don't worry I'm saving the big stuff for Friday.

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1967: Day One

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At the end of this week, June 1st... it will be 45 years since the release of Sgt Pepper.

So lead up to that, all this week on the show I'll be playing songs from 1967.

1967 is an interesting year, as it marks the beginning of careers of people like Leonard Cohen, who starts off the show. We also hear what The Everly Brothers were up to in the changing times of pop music, and a guy who's still making music and recently inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Donovan.

And some soul courtesy an obscure b-side from Stevie Wonder, and northern soul pop sound of The Foundations.

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Always know where your towel is

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Happy birthday today to a wonderful songwriter and human being, Carrie Newcomer.

Brian in Penticton had a request for Linda Ronstadt, from her appearance in The Pirates of Penzance.

Yes today is Towel Day, held every 2 weeks after the death of Douglas Adams... AND it's also the 35th anniversary of the first Star Wars movie, I have a novelty record you're not likely to hear anyone else today...and thanks to Tom in Victoria for this:

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A whole lot of rainbows

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Two birthdays to mark today, one for Rosanne Cash and thanks to Don in Nakusp, who requested one of his fave tunes by birthday boy Bob Dylan (oh and also Queen Victoria's birthday too).

Also, an obscure tune from the Addrisi Brothers and have you seen the list of tunes entered into the National Library of Congress?  Everything from Edison to Prince... and I've chosen a couple of instrumentals from the list by Sol Ho'opi'i and his Novelty Five, and also Booker T. And the MG's.

Interestingly, one of the entries is a live recording of the Grateful Dead from May 8, 1977.  And guess what? You can listen to the whole show in streaming mp3 (yes, it runs about 3 hours).

If that isn't enough for you, and you've got a lot of time on your hands, check out the National Jukebox: Historial recordings from the National Library of Congress in streaming audio.

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The In Sound From Way Out

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Paul McCartney released his deluxe version of one of his best albums Ram yesterday, and I have a track from the bonus disc of previously unreleased material.

A request from Penny Sue of Vernon for Patti Page, and birthday today for Rosemary Clooney.

It's World Turtle Day, and Pink Turtle drop by for an ABBA cover, and also if you've been to Google today, you'll know it's Robert Moog's birthday.

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Fly Robin

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It wasn't really a surprise that Robin Gibb passed away over the weekend, having only awoke from a coma a few weeks ago.  But still, not only a great singer but we lost an influential songwriter.

And that's the focus of the show today: songs written by Robin with his brothers Maurice and Barry performed by Lori Cullen, Rev. Al Green, Dionne Warwick and the Bee Gee's version of a very popular duet... featuring Robin.

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Someone left the cake out in the rain

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40 years ago this year, Dan Fogelberg released his first album Home Free and we start with the first song on the album.

It's International Museum Day - the theme is Museums in A Changing World, and Chumbawamba wrote a song that ties in nicely, about what would happen if we didn't preserve our museums.

And as reported yesterday, Donna Summer died of cancer at the age of 63.  Although most known for her disco hits, I've chosen a track from her self-titled 'turning-point' about from 1982, covering Jon and Vangelis, produced by Quincy Jones.

In addition to that, I always thought "The Wanderer" should've been a bigger hit.  Here she is live on the Tom Snyder show:

Enjoy the long weekend!

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Furniture music

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We begin with a lovely interpretation of Satie's Gymnopedie No.1 by Canadian pianist Francine Kay, as it is Satie's birthday today.

A Girl Called Eddy released one album back in 2004, and I'm *still* waiting for the follow-up. 

And before the program yesterday, I was blasting "Rhinestone Cowboy" in the studio - I decided to tweet it, and I got a reply from Larry Weiss, the man who wrote the song.

And Jennifer in Vancouver was introduced to the Wonderful World of Mrs. Miller last week, and wanted to hear more!  In the words of Pauline Collins... no, honestly!

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Pet Sounds turns 46 today

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Living in twilight

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A very nice piano piece from Carly Paradis - going out to Bev in Vancouver, who I met yesterday, hopefully this is the piece she mentioned liking.

New Shawn Colvin album next month (as well as a new Mary Chapin Carpenter the week after!), so going back into her catalog this morning ... as well as something from The Weepies first album.

It's the late Ray Condo's birthday today, still greatly missed... and Little Feat's Sailing Shoes was released 40 years ago, May 1972.

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-------------------> In S T E R E O! <-------------------

Based on a suggestion from a co-worker, I'm playing all tiki-lounge-hi-fi-exotica this morning by the likes of Martin Denny, Arthur Lyman, Yma Sumac, Dean Elliot and his Swinging Big, Band, Les Baxter and Esquivel!

..and check out this neat film made by Ernie Kovacs set to Esquivel's music:

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Time is tight

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Something from Red Sky July's latest disc to start off the show..that free covers EP is still available for download.

And speaking of that, local artist Jonathan Anderson has released a covers EP (pay what you want) under his band name Jonathan Inc. which includes a very nice Magnetic Fields song.

We give away the final copy of Arthur Black's Looking Blackward, and play a song he requested from Monty Python... and it's Dance Like A Chicken Day - I'm really hoping someone will come up with an actual dance for the Chicken Neck Boogie.

And sad news for Stax fans this weekend as bassist Donald "Duck" Dunn, famous for playing with Booker T and the MG's (and a ton of others) died this weekend at the age of 70.

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Tangle with the ghost

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Starting with an early release from the catalog of Toronto's Jory Nash, who is looking for the support of his fans to help with the recording of his next album..

And Maureen in Chilliwack sent in this picture of a baby robin in her backyard...

...and wanted to hear a particular song about robins trying to make their way to Missouri..

...and then Connie Francis with my favourite version of a classic song for Mother's Day on Sunday.

Since we're celebrating things early, tomorrow marks the 45th anniversary of the debut album by Jimi Hendrix.

And also a fave of my Mum's... Herb Alpert!

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Revisiting an early release for Canadian songwriter Jory Nash...

..and also music from a guy that *sounds* like he should be from Canada, Kenny Rankin.  And I've also got some gorgeous sunshine pop from an obscure band called The Collage.

And happy birthday to Gary Owens - the man with a great voice and bizarre sense of humour, known for his appearances on Rowan and Martin's Laugh-in, not to mention introducing the world to Mrs Miller!

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Changes to audio streaming

Hello all,

I am aware that many visitors to this site come to re-listen (or listen later in the day) to the program, but starting today the audio will only be available to those in Canada due to current agreements the CBC has with outside performance organizations.

I play music from around the world, not just Canada, and this change means those artists can't let their fans outside Canada listen again and possibly hear music by other artists (including Canadian ones).

Unfortunately, I have no control over this decision.  You can still listen "live" via the online stream when the program is actually on the air, but audio posted after the show will only be available in Canada and I do apologize for the inconvenience.

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Chicken soup with rice

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We begin with a track from the new album by Eric Whitacre (the Virtual Choir guy), who released an album of his choral and orchestra works recently called Water Night.

And happy birthday of the songstress of the Prairie Skies... Connie Kaldor, and I have a song she played on the last episode of Morningside.

And sad news of the death of Maurice Sendak yesterday - my introduction to him was not the same as everyone else's... it was his collaboration with Carole King in Really Rosie!

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Just you wait and see

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Brand new music from another side-project of Teenage Fanclub, this time from Gerard Love's band Lightships.

Then a couple of covers: a recently discovered 45 rpm single from 1972 of a Neil Young cover by Jackie DeShannon, and a brand new cover from The Primitives of a 45-year old song I never heard before.

And V-E Day today: the #1 song 67 years ago was by Les Brown and his Orchestra (with Doris Day on vocals) and we wrap will the great Dame Vera Lynn.

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Music Monday

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Well, every Monday (and every other day) is Music Day here on Earlier, but in specifically "Music Monday" refers to the national day where music education for children is celebrated (raising awareness and all that). 

So I have two local examples, and both from Langley!  The Langley Schools Music Project and the world-famous Langley Ukulele Ensemble.

Meanwhile.. it's Anne Dudley's birthday, famous for her scoring work on film and also with the ol' Art Of Noise.

And my copy of the new album by The School showed up on Friday, and so I've got a cut from that as well.

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It's an umbraphile kind of day

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Well, it's raining pretty much everywhere this morning (and for most of the day), great for us Umbraphiles but bad for everyone else... perhaps the soothing voice of Lori Cullen will help.

And it's International Tuba Day!  And on past occasions, I've included Danny Kaye as a web-only extra, but not today - "Tubby The Tuba" is in the show!

And one sunny tune for non-Umbies from an obscure Canadian release by Kari Townsend (so obscure, there is nothing about her online!).

And May the 4th be with you:

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By request from Ray in Vancouver... The Ray Conniff Singers!

Also birthday tributes to Pete Seeger, who turns 93 today, and to the late Betty Comden, one half of the great songwriting and screenplay writers Comden and Green.

We give away two of the Arthur Black books - you can still enter for the 3rd one via regular post.

And for Simon and Diamond Joe in North Vancouver, some Kate Bush for these cloudy days.

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Someplace else now

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Brand new music to start from Robin Gibb - still in hospital after waking from a nine day coma, and still battle cancer, but that hasn't stopped him from releasing Titanic Requiem with his son RJ.

And see above for the Arthur Black book giveaway, in which he mentions Gerard Hoffnung's Bricklayer Story.

And happy birthday to Lesley Gore - I have a record from a turning point in her career from 1972.

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May Day

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While I am quite enjoying the latest album by Lori Carson called Another Year, I'm also really enjoying her previous album The Finest Thing, which is available right now for free download from Noisetrade (you do have to give your email address though).

And happy birthday to Judy Collins..

...and I'll play a cut by Ricky Skaggs for Dennis and his "giant" family out in Pencticton for this May Day.