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If there's no audience, there just ain't no show

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More of your suggestions for the CMHF... it's a bit of an abbreviated program today because World Report is running a bit longer than usual..

Liz in Sydney suggested David Essig (as did a few others), Simon in North Vancouver would definitely put Chilliwack in there, and Christine wants Jim Byrnes to be included.

And we'll go out with Roland in Courtenay's suggestion of Eddie Schwartz - he's more known for his songwriting and producing than his own recordings... like a song that Rita Coolidge got a big hit with in the early 90s that Eddie wrote.

Have a good weekend!

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Rainy mountain breakdown

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Pioneering banjoist Earl Scruggs died yesterday at age of 88, and I'm starting with a very famous tune that he recorded when he was with Bill Monroe's Bluegrass Boys.

Then it's your suggestions for Canadian Music Hall of Fame: Carolyn in Abbortsford suggested Ginette Reno, Des in Sooke suggested Valdy, and Doug in Powell River had a list of names, but his #1 nomination was Art Bergman.

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Stirring the Canadian pot

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It's raining out there, pretty much everywhere in BC this morning... or it will be.  And so a lovely piece for the rain by Vladimir Cosma from the Diva soundtrack.

And as you might guess from the post at the top, for the rest of the week on Earlier, I'm playing suggestions for the Canadian Music Hall of Fame, because there's lots of artists and groups that should be there.

It starts with Norman in Prince George's call for Stan Rogers to be included, and I'm adding a few of my own with Susan Jacks and Jane Siberry (women are very under-represented).

Send me yours!

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Canadian Music Hall Of Fame?

Thanks to Norman Dale of Prince George has alerted me to the yet-again exclusion of Stan Rogers in the Canadian Music Hall of Fame, nearly 30 years after his death.

While I don't want to undermine the accomplishments of those who have been inducted, Stan's contribution to Canadian music is unquestionable and he should be there.

In fact, there are a number of Canadian artists and groups that should be there.  I have my own personal list, and I asked you for yours and boy, did I get a lot of names!

Thanks to everyone who wrote's the final list of every suggestion...hopefully I didn't forget anyone!

Click to read the full list...

Read more »

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Wrapped in wings

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Carrie Newcomer collaborating with the Khan Family start the program today...

Plus the lush sounds of Giorgio Tuma, and a peppy tune from Anna Elias and the Fornlorn Hope.

And hot off the internet! Laurie Biagini sent me the first tune from her 4th album, which she is currently working on. 

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Blue monday

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Revisiting some releases from 2011 that I'm still enjoying, like albums by Susan James, Schuyler Fisk, and Christopher Cross.

And also for a very patient Graham in Victoria, a big hit for Betty Johnson from 1958.

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Wandering, wondering

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The self-titled album by Lucy Wise and the B'Gollies has so many nice little moments on it, it's a perfect album to start the day with.

Ann from Cedar BC wrote in for a song for spring by Stan Rogers, and Shari Ulrich is playing this weekend at the Presentation House in North Vancouver with some friends.

And something a little different from a new EP by Dag Juhlin, who I discovered when he fake-tweeted some very funny tweets from SXSW a few years ago, including this year.  My fave was "Just signed up for dubstep lessons at the Holiday Inn. Can't wait to learn this new, fun type of dancing! "

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Cool cool water

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Hello... back after a nasty headache prevented me from being here yesterday.

It is World Water Day today, so all aquatic tunage starting with Kim Stockwood from her Back To The Water album from last year.

Then it's a great Stax/Volt side from William Bell, and a very rare Steely Dan track from 1972.

And don't forget about the 'elements' series of album by Rod McKuen with Anita Kerr and the San Sebastian Strings - in particular, the only one from the three to be released on CD, The Sea.

And Chantal Chamberland has a delightful version of a Sea-inspired standard.

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So this is Spring

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Gee, still pretty cold and wet out there in Vancouver-land... Spring is somewhere out there, cue Linda Ronstadt and James Ingram.

Opening the first show of Spring with a George Harrison standard, performed by classical guitarist John Williams.

And then local musician Laurie Biagini is on the podcast this week - download it, subscribe via RSS or in iTunes - where you can hear a slightly extended clip from the interview I did with her last week.  Thanks Laurie for the interview!

And one of the tunes Laurie likes to warm up with is "Bend Me, Shape Me" by The American Breed, which was also requested by Vanessa in Vancouver for origami master Akira Yoshizawa's 101st birthday last week.

Jerry Colonna drops in to officially announce the beginning of Spring, and Big Daddy take on a dance-craze classic by Men Without Hats that turns 30 years old today:

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Carried away

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Last day of Winter, technically.

Nice song from Red Sky July to begin the program from their latest (free covers EP on their news page - get it now!) , then to a lesser-known Beach Boys tune from their L.A. (Light Album) released today in 1979.

Patrick in Mill Bay asked for a tune by Mike Oldfield featuring Maggie Reilly, and for Don in Nakusp and Rod in Vancouver... from vinyl, a track off Bob Dylan's debut album which turns 50 years old today.

ETA: and thanks to Tom Anderson who sent in this note:

"Interesting that you would choose to play "Song for Woody" from Dylan's first album, as I chose that same song, plus "Freight Train Blues," the very first time I played anything of Dylan's on my Rhythms of the Earth program in September of 1962. 

The album was in our small record library but no one had even listened to it.  I looked at the cover and put it back, but later gave it a listen and was very much impressed.  I asked a few folkie friends about Dylan and they'd never heard of him.  Neither had the only other broadcaster in L.A. who aired folk music.  So I added those two songs to my next playlist.  The phones didn't stop ringing for weeks."

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Happy pre-St. Patrick's Day!

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An almost all-request edition of the show... Kevin in North Vancouver asked to hear the Irish National Anthem (A Soldier's Song), Norman in Prince George asked for Ryan's Fancy, and a Leprechaunish tune by Gibsons Graham Walker.

Also we pop the last of the bubbly-tunes for our Bubble Week..

Have a good weekend - my mouth stopped working at the end, so good thing it's Friday.  Back on Monday.

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Beware the Ides of Sammy

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Knock me your 'lobes

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Since winter just won't let go of BC yet, playing a song named after the season by Jonny Kearney and Lucy Farrell.

Richard and Linda Thompson's fan-loved album Shoot Out The Lights turns 30 years old today..

...and as soon as Ron in Vancouver heard it was Bubble Week here on Earlier, he wrote in requesting Stan Freberg.

And dare you listen to William Shatner's "No Tears For Caesar" rap?

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Russia's entry into the Eurovision song contest

I'm putting my money on the Buranovo Grannies:

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Thanks to Doug in Powell River who let me know that local guitarist David Sinclair's 1972 Take My Hand album has been reissued by Regenerator Records..

And also Bert in Chilliwack wrote in to request something by the German chant group Gregorian.

And two bubblicious sets of 60s tunes by Les Habits Jaunes and The Free Design.

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Did I mention it's Bubble Week?

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And Vera Lynn sings the age old standard about forever blowing bubbles...

And The Cowboy Junkies's latest album is out on March 27th called The Wilderness, which I have a preview track from - and they're on the podcast too!  Download directly, subscribe or iTunes it.

I finally got a chance to hear last year's album by Ana Egge and it's a good'un if not dark - and play a fave from Emily Baker's House of Cards album from last year as well.

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Back from the shadows again

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Time to dig your in closet, past the Jane Fonda legwarmers, past the Bay City Roller Tartan scarves, and dust off your Exploding Plastic Inevitable ... The Velvet Underground and Nico album turns 45 years old today.

Also, we lost Peter Bergman over the weekend, one of the founding members of The Firesign Theatre - he also had his own radio show called Radio Free Oz since 1966.

It's Jack Kerouac's birthday.. he would've been 90 years old today, and I've got a spoken-word piece from him backed up by Bird and Diz.

And if that weren't enough!  On Saturday, Jethro Tull's breakthrough album Thick As A Brick turned 40 years old.. and frontman Ian Anderson is releasing TAAB #2 next month.

Last but not least... it's the start of Bubble Week!

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Trombones, pants and cake

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Verdi's opera Nabucco turns 170 today, so that's our start this morning joined by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.

Then local trombonist (and CEO) Sharman King helped us celebrate pants yesterday (it's a long story), and to thank him, I have some music by Urbie Green.

Then, because that's neither here nor there... The Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band takes us to a happy little farm.  I think they have trombones, but no pants though.

Brand new music from The School!  Their Loveless Unbeliever album was high at the top of my 2010 albums list, and I've got a b-side from their yet-to-be-released single... and Barbie was unveiled this day in 1959, and Meryn Cadell laments never getting invited to Malibu beach parties.

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The silence of a candle

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Happy birthday to long-time listener Simon in North Vancouver, who asked for something by his musical hero Ralph Towner.

And it's International Women's Day, and even though women deserve to be recognized more than just one day... music from the late Laura Allan (thanks again Arielle for introducing me to her music), new discovery Leah Zicari, and a track that the BBC has started to play more by Judie Tzuke from her new album One Tree Less.

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It is a very small world, after all

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Tune from Rose Cousins to start the show - you can download the latest podcast for another tune of hers, or subscribe (RSS or itunes) for future pods.

Townes Van Zandt's birthday today, and a musical tribute from Emmylou Harris with Don Williams.

*sigh* Sad to learn yesterday that Robert Sherman died at the age of 86... the music he wrote with his brother Richard will live for so many year to come, and I've put together a little set of faves that you don't hear too often.

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Happy 100th Oreo!

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Perchance to dream

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We begin with a tune that will probably not help those still in bed get up... a piece by Eric Whitacre (see the virtual choir video below).

Then onto the group Fiery Blue, and something from their Our Secret album - and digging through the records in the CBC library, I came across Herald Nix.

And Michael White (the former Vancouverite writing the definitive bio of Sarah Records) recommended the Swedish pop band Top Sound.

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Noodling about

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Good morning!  Yes back from a week's vacation - thanks to Alya in Kelowna for filling in.

Music this morning from Meg Hutchinson - her music is nice to ease back into things with...

The comedy/satirist duo of Bob and Ray have come up in conversation a number of times in the past weeks, and Rob in Vancouver mentioned them back in December, so I've got a famous piece of theirs, along with following music by the Penguin Cafe Orchestra.

And today is the birthday of Momofoko Ando, inventor of the instant noodle and cup of noodles, and the Swedish band Pineforest Crunch have a song about that.  Actually, I don't know if it's about THAT but it's called "The Cup Noodle Song" and that's good enough.