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November 2011 Archives

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Modern-day warrior

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There's been no shortage of new releases and new discoveries lately, which is going to make it very difficult to narrow down my fave albums list for 2011.

One of which is Haroula Rose's newest These Open Roads, which you can listen to at her bandcamp page...

..and another brand new discovery is Paper Aeroplanes, who just released We Are Ghosts, another fine album for the year.

ABBA's last album The Visitors turns 30 years old today, and it's Shuggie Otis's birthday (and Mark Twain!)

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Lean on me

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Stan Rogers birthday today... he would've been 62.

Eleanor McEvoy's released a new album, but I'm still listening to the previous one!  And Red Box's The Circle and the Square album turned 25 years old recently.

And the new podcast is up featuring Vancouver's Spygirl (download it, subscribe, or iTunes it).

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Stay awhile

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A new discovery for you this morning: from London...Anna Elias and the Forlorn Hope.

Then we go back to a record that was in the Top 10 Albums Chart for this week in 1971...40 years ago... by The Bells, and since we're giving away the Peter Gabriel CDs connected to the 1989 movie Say Anything (yes, that was the answer I was looking for), how about some Steely Dan?

And another album that's definitely on my Top 10 list of Favourite Albums of 2011 is by Schuyler Fisk.

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When Black Friday falls

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Start off the shew with a CD giveaway!  I've got 4 copies of Peter Gabriel's New Blood album (single disc version) to giveaway... but you must answer the skill testing question to be eligible: what movie uses "In Your Eyes" in a key scene?  Hint... boombox...from 1989... correct answers will be drawn at random on Monday.  Deadline to enter is noon today!  Thanks to everyone who entered.

Count Basie recorded two albums of Beatle covers in the 60s, and the second one has recently been reissued on CD Count Basie On The Beatles.

And two requests.. first for Graham in Victoria for Charles Trenet, and then for Bruce The Chef and his Lasquiti Cooking Class - Louis Prima!

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Gobble gobble

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Happy Thanksgiving to our neighbours to the south..

And for those looking for warmer climates, Sergio Mendes and Brasil '66 to start, and then something from Erin Bode's latest album Photograph, which came out last year.

And Daryl Hall's newest album Laughing Down Crying carries on his blend of Philly-soul with a real keen ear for a pop hook.

And since it's Thanksgiving, a song of thanks from Vancouver's Laurie Biagini, her brand new disc A Go-Go Girl In A Modern World is available now.

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Wheels up

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Pat Metheny to start... something from his most recent covers album What It's All About?

And Christopher Cross has a very nice song for this month from his newest album Dr. Faith, and a new discovery connected to Kimmie Rhodes - her son Gabe is a part of a band called Fiery Blue, and I've got a tune from their latest album Our Secret.

And Kevin in Vancouver sent me in the direction of the band Crooked Still - they've played in Vancouver a bunch of times at the Rogue Folk Club and the Folk Festival - they cover the Beatles on their new EP, which also features some nifty originals.

And happy birthday to songwriting/arranging legend Johnny Mandel, who turns 86.

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November songs

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Just released this morning... the first song from Leonard Cohen's brand new album for January 2012.

Then a wintery song from Melanie Doane, who's on the podcast this week (download or subscribe or on iTunes).

And while November 22 is a day to remember JFK, it's the birthday of Doug in Powell River and this year he'd like to hear something by Dion.

And since it's Go For A Ride Day (and the wind will help you out there), a summery-ditty to take you away from this winter weather with Roger Nichols and the Small Circle of Friends.

And The Rockabye Baby line of rock covers done in instrumental lullaby style have finally tackled their first Canadian band... The Tragically Hip.

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Hello, it's me

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Revisiting a couple of new releases from this year, especially from two "Eastern Girls"... Catherine MacLellan and Kim Stockwood.

Carrie Newcomer's latest project featuring the Ali Khan family is quickly becoming a favourite album of the year for me, and it's Hello Day, where the belief that saying 'hello' to ten people today will increase peace within the world.  Let's hope so.

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Let it snow?

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Well snow is nothing special to the rest of the province, but it showed up early this morning on the South Coast.. but not to worry, no Christmas music until December 12th.

And apparently the show was not on the webstream this morning - trying to find out wha'happen?!

Meanwhile, it's 30 years ago today that Suzanne Vega wrote "Tom's Diner" while sitting in Tom's Restaurant in New York, so I've made a little mix of the original and the new recording from earlier this year.

And the rest of the show is your requests for Lightfoot tunes for one last day: for Ron in Vancouver, Michele in Sorrento, and Dennis in Penticton.

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Happy birthday Gordon

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Yes, the big day is here... more Gordon Lightfoot songs all requested by you: Johnny Cash covering Gord for Simon in North Vancouver, two requests for the same song from Kevin in Delta and for Bruce dedicates it to Heather.

Cameron asked for an earlier Gord song, and Doug wanted to hear something from his favourite album The Way I Feel.

Thanks to everyone who calls or emailed in their requests!

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Gearing up for Gord

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All tunes requested by you this morning written by Gordon Lightfoot, two by him and two covers..

Lori Cullen does a marvellous version of one of his standards from her latest album That Certain Chartreuse that I've been waiting to play for this very occasion.

Jason in Vancouver asked for a version of a Gord tune that he heard in the early 70s, performed by Rockin' Ronnie Hawkins

And for actual Gord recordings, Dr. Whiteley in Kelowna asked for "All The Lovely Ladies" and Des in Sooke asked for "Black Day In July".

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Happy clean your refrigerator day

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..and while you do that, birthday celebrations for Petula Clark and ... Mantovani?

Meanwhile, we start our week-long tribute to Gordon Lightfoot; Steve in Fort St John asked for the "greatest ever Canadian Song".

And a track from the latest album by ukulele-virtuoso Jake Shimabukuro and here's where to cast your vote for what song you want Jake to cover.

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Rock the boat

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Starting off with music from Andrea Koziol, who's on the podcast this week - download directly or subscribe (also in iTunes).

East River Pipe's latest album has some darkly beautiful and unsettling sounds on it - it's called We Live In Rented Rooms... and Jethro Tull have released a 40th anniversary edition of Aqualung, which has been completely remixed and sounds fantastic.. and even better, Thick As A Brick Tour in 2012!

It was Neil Young's birthday on Saturday, so we'll play a little of him... and it's Gordon Lightfoot's birthday on Thursday - are you all requested out?  If not, send me an email or call 604-662-6116 to send in your favourite Lightfoot request.

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photo by Charlotta Wasteson

On this Remembrance Day, all songs requested by you...

Richard in Kelowna asked for a song from the Paul Gross film Passchendaele, performed by Sarah Slean.

And a song we played for ANZAC Day last year, but also very fitting for today...Marie in Whiterock wanted to hear Eric Bogle.

And our regular weather representative Norman Dale in Prince George requested a pipes lament he heard on Gilmour's Albums in years past - I have a recording by Tattoo '67, as well as a vocal version by Karine Polwart of "Thou Hast Left Me Ever Jamie".

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Shadows and light

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Our last day for your Joni requests, with songs for Teresa in Kamloops from Blue, Glenn in Vancouver asked for Annie Lennox covering Joni, Carol in Port Angeles and Virginia both wanted to hear something from Joni's earliest days, and Sharon in Delta wanted to hear anything from Hissing Of Summer Lawns.

Thanks to everyone who wrote or called in your requests - I'll save the list of tunes that didn't make it for next year.

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Girl from the North Country

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More of your requests for your favourite Joni songs - Linda in Rosedale has a few of them, but first mentioned one from Hejira (which turns 35 years old this month).

And Faye saw a clip of Joni playing a Dylan tune on a Johnny Cash TV show, and wanted to know if it's available as a recording... and it is!

And Joe in North Vancouver wanted to hear one of his favourite covers by Ian Matthews Southern Comfort.

And 50 years ago today... Brian Epstein saw The Beatles perform at the Cavern Club in Liverpool.

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More Joni and a few stairways

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I've already got more requests for Joni that I can fit on one week, so I guess I won't be calling for more - I might have to play a few of these after the week is over...

Bonnie in Golden requested the title track to her album Taming The Tiger, and Sandy in Vancouver phoned in a request for a song from Don Juan's Reckless Daughter.

Meanwhile, Led Zeppelin's 4th album (officially untitled) turns 40 years old today... you know, the one that has "Stairway to Heaven" on it.  Well... we go back to the song's roots with the band Spirit, and a special guest recording of the Zep tune that will keep you wobbling.

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Happy birthday Joni Mitchell!

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Once again, a full day's show dedicated to the music of Joni Mitchell on her birthday.

Music from Deep Forest (a favourite of Joni's), one of her favourite Steely Dan tunes, and one of Donald Fagen's favourite Joni tracks.

And Gerry in Cranbrook got his request on early for "Help Me" - got a fave Joni tune, including cover versions?   I'll play a few of your requested selections this week, so you can email me, twitter it or call 604-662-6116.

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Requests, novels, moustaches and giants!

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We begin with a request from Marie in Whiterock for Jennifer Warnes, not singing Leonard Cohen, but instead the theme from the movie Norma Rae.

New discovery for me... Jude Johnstone.  She's been writing songs for years and recorded her first solo album 2002, and I've got a track from her latest album Quiet Girl featuring the late Clarence Clemons.

Bruce the Chef on Salt Spring Island wanted to hear The Rheostatics (new book out now by Dave Bidini), and have you started writing your novel yet?  It's NaNoWriMo and I'm not planning to write one, rather just play Monty Python.

And They Might Be Giants first album turns 25 years old today - they're playing in Vancouver on November 9th, and if that weren't enough... it's also Movember: any handlebar moustaches in the making like Vince Guaraldi's?

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Bike ride to the moon

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I seem to have a number of bicycle-related music tunes around, and since it is nearing the end of Bike To Work Week, seems as good as time any for all bicycle songs.

Music today from the score of Il Postino, Peter Mandieta, Katie Melua and Luka Bloom by request from Laura in North Vancouver.

And some Dave Brubeck with HAL9000's favourite song.

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Happy 75th CBC!

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Yes, 75 years.  I'm very honoured to be a small part of that history, and today on the show I've gone to the CBC recorded archives for a tiny selection of the sessions that were recorded just for the CBC.

Sometimes the artists were so pleased with the recordings they were released, but in many cases the songs remained a part of the CBC library, unavailable to the public.

So today music you probably haven't heard for a very long time from Three Marias (Qwen Swick, Cherie Camp and Shirley Eikhard), and rare tracks by Stan Rogers, and Kate and Anna McGarrigle.

One song featured today was sold as a part of the CBC Song Market competition from 1967, the winning song written by Bruce Barrie of Prince George called "Kiss The Wind", sung by Mr. House of Frightenstein...Billy Van.  And if anyone knows of Bruce's whereabout, let me know!

And thanks to all the entries for the Disc Drive 20th annversary Cookbook giveaway - I've found five additional copies, so there will be TEN drawn at random tomorrow morning.

And we wrap our tiny salute to the CBC with a popular TV show theme written by Bob McMullin:

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All Saints Day

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We start with a tune by Tom Waits that Dan in Nakusp always listens to every November...

...and then two tracks from The Beach Boys Smile Sessions that comes out today - Spinner is streaming the whole 2 CD version online..

Musical prankster and self-described genius Gonzales is on the podcast this week - download it directly, or subscribe for future episodes (also in iTunes).

And it's Jim Steinman's 64th birthday today, and I've always preferred his recording of the songs from his solo album Bad For Good - which were re-recorded with Mr. Loaf on vocals for Bat Out Of Hell II.