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All Hallows Eve

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Spooky sounds... terrifying tunes... macabre melodies... creepy chords... killer key changes?

Yes, time for the 4th annual Hallo'ween edition of Earlier... this year murderous material by Elmer Bernstein, The Five Blobs, Arch Oboler and the infamous "Chicken Heart", and Bob McFadden with DOR by request from Diamond Joe in North Vancouver.

...and a visit from The Librarian from the Hilarious House of Frightenstein.

Want more?  Try on this episode of Suspense where a DJ dares to spend the night in a haunted house with unsettling results (hundreds more for free download here).

And David Witt posted this fan-made animated version of Disney's Haunted Mansion... Happy Hallo'ween!

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Nothing ever lasts forever

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Thanks to Simon in North Vancouver for the tip of the jazz trio The Bad Plus, taking on a 80s hit by Tears For Fears in a very beautiful arrangement.

BC songwriter David Francey is nominated for two Canadian Folk Music Awards for his latest album Late Edition, and I'll bring out something by Kimmie Rhodes from her album Dreams Of Flying.

And happy International Animation Day!  Below I've posted one of the greatest achievements in animation.. Walt Disney's The Old Mill, and got another classic tune on the show from the first full-length animated movie I saw: The Jungle Book.

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Pools of xylophone clear

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Bruce Cockburn's latest album Small Source Of Comfort has been nominated in four categories for the upcoming Canadian Folk Music Awards..

And a "big day" around here... XTC's Skylarking turns 25 years old!  It has been re-released on vinyl by Andy Partridge's APE Records, with the tinny-no-bass sound corrected (due to an original mastering problem that was present in every known release!) complete with the original banned naughty cover-art (out of stock apparently).  Playing a 'suite' of two tracks from the vinyl version today...

...and CBC Kelowna's and past-BCCAA Women's Volleyball Provincial All-Star Alya Ramadan was having a bad day yesterday, and asked if she could hear some funkRufus and Chaka Khan with a little extra dose of The Meters should help...

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I love mini-sodas

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Rosanne Cash is taking your requests for an upcoming house concert Live From Zone C - any tune from the recently released Essential Collection is eligable; send in your request via her twitter account.

...did I mention Earlier is on Twitter?  No big deal, and it won't be terribly exciting but you can follow me there if you care to.

Also, revisiting two bands who released fantastic records last year: Teenage Fanclub and The Silver Seas.

And by request for Donald Temple... an inquisitive Perry Como about Dela's waredrobe.

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Big city blue

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We begin this morning with music from a brand new project from Carrie Newcomer - she collaborated with the famous sarod-playing Ali Khan family in India for an album called Everything is Everywhere.  The album comes out next week.

And then CBC Victoria held an A Night Of Real Radio at the Langham Theater recently, featuring music by Helen Austin, and OTI's very own Gregor Craigie.

As I start to compile my fave albums list for 2011, Alison Moorer's album Crows was released early 2010, but it slipped by me last year and I'm taking time from my current listening to revisit it.

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Shining bright

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Busy weekend...

Congrat's to the Wailin' Jennys, who picked up the award for best Roots/Duo by Group Recording of the Year at Breakout West last night, for their album Bright Morning Stars.

92-year old Pete Seeger marched 36 blocks in New York City during Occupy Wall Street on Saturday night, and from Pete to Chumbawamba, who are having been making their own protest music for over 20 years.

And finally, 110 years ago today, 63-year old Annie Edson Taylor was the first person to go over Niagra Falls in a barrel and survive.  Which brings us to Andy Partridge's theme song for the TV Show "Wonderfalls".

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The Psychedelic, freaked-out, fuzztone, wah-wah show

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The gorgeous voices of The Free Design are always a nice way to start off the morning..

And Kevin in Vancouver sent me his list of favourite Van Morrison albums, one of which is Veedon Fleece, and asked for a tune from that...

..and I'm following that up with the genius of Mose Allison, and a song that I just heard the late Robert Palmer cover...

Happy count your buttons day - I don't have a button-counting song, but I do have a song about pushing buttons by Ninette.  And Mike Viola, best-known as the leader of the power pop band The Candybutchers (and many other projects) is playing a solo gig at the Media Club in November - he was also the lead voice on song by The Wonders from the film That Thing You Do.

...and have you ever heard Van Morrison's Contractual Obligation album?  (now available in iTunes and CD)

"Want A Danish?"

"Ring Worm"

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Do it again

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Our resident weather rep Norman Dale in Prince George sent me a link to this video that he posted online, after patiently awaiting permission from the performer Priscilla Herdman, and the composers (Griam MacGregor and Jay Ungar):

Today is also Nellie McClung's birthday... Canadian activist, politician and feminist, and Maria Dunn wrote a song based on a speech she gave in 1914 (the complete story details and lyrics are here) - and so it's only the 39th birthday of Steely Dan's debut disc Can't Buy A Thrill (released sometime in October 1972)..

And the lastest podcast is out - you can download it or subscribe (also in iTunes) - featuring Andy "Rock Me Gently" Kim!  You get a track from his brand new album Happen Again, and on the show... his alter-ego Baron Longfellow from 1980.

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Music to start from Leona Naess - her most recent album Thirteen came out in 2008 called, and it doesn't look like she going to record anything anytime soon, as she says she'll record again when she 'has something to say'.

And speaking of not recording much....I mentioned last week that Murray McLauchlan was releasing a new album this week - it's out!  It's called Human Writes, his first in 15 years (although he has been very busy with the Lunch At Allen's gang).

Cathy Dennis's career in 1996 took a drastic turn from dance-pop to singer/songwriter-pop with her album Am I The Kinda Girl?  Despite having a couple of original songs from people like Andy Partridge (XTC) and Ray Davies (The Kinks), it never caught on and she went back to the dance-pop world, producing songs for other pop acts and working on American Idol.

And the mouth-harp (or jew's harp) is normally associated with comedy material (thanks to the funny BOING! sound it makes) but Austrian composer Johann Georg Albrechtsberger wroteserious concertos for the instrument in the 1700's, and after you hear Fritz Mayr performance, you may change your impression of the instrument.


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Lord of the Rings meets Edward Hill

Thanks to Don in Nakusp for passing this along:

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The Minus World

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Happy birthday to Canadian-born composer Howard Shore, one of Hollywood's premiere composers.

Plus a tune from LA's Haroula Rose from her new album which you can hear for free at her bandcamp page.

Happy 85th to Mr. Chuck Berry.

And today is "No Beard" day, and I'm not partaking because of I'm all out of shaving cream...and James Hill plays us out to the news on the anniversary of the Nintendo Entertainment System.

And here's the edition of Inside the Music that Howard Shore did on "Unsettling Scores" for CBC:

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New, new and new

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New discovery to start the show: Susan James.  Her music falls somewhere between folk and country, and today I've chosen a haunted ballad from her latest album Highways, Ghosts, Hearts and Home.

Susan Aglukark has a new album out as well - this one doesn't say it on the package, but it is essentially a 'best of' compilation called White Sahara with two new songs.  I'm also looking forward to the upcoming album by UK popster The School, but still enjoyable their great Loveless Unbeliever LP from last year (yes, I'm going to start using the word LP again).

And Vancouver's Laurie Biagini has been sending me new tracks from her soon-to-be-released third album - today the Canadian-radio premiere of the latest one.

And happy birthday Michael McKean!

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happy 3rd birthday.jpg
Yes, Earlier turns a ripe three years of age, which is a record in the world of radio today...

...and to celebrate all songs dealing with the word "three".

There's Bob Dorough (the Schoolhouse Rock! guy), Ella Fitzgerald, The Coasters, The Bobbettes, Bob Marley..

And no birthday would be complete without:

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Another cut this morning from the Bacharachesque easy-styled Brent Cash, who's latest album is entitled How Strange It Seems.

And then to CSN by request for Bruce and Heather on Salt Spring Island, plus a tune from a recent discovery for me: Kelowna's Kim McMechan who has a new album coming out in November.

And Ian Martin in Burnaby reminded me that even though it's not an 'milestone' anniversary for Herbie Hancock's Head Hunters album (38 years old today) that's no reason not to celebrate it.

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Believing in better

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The lovely haunting voice of Paula Frazer to start the show.. she hasn't done much solo work lately, but has two projects going with Jesse and Paula and another San Francisco psych-band called Skystone..

Lennie Gallant is featured on the latest podcast - download it directly, or subscribe (also in iTunes)- there's a live track on the podcast, and on the show is a tune from the album Believing in Better, which is a fantastic album.

Today is Old Farmers Day, and so I've got the most appropriate tune by Murray McLauchlan (who also has a brand new album out), and Kate Bush has released the first single from her brand new album 50 Words For Snow that will be coming out in November.

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Oh that tryptophan on my brain

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Welcome back... hope you had a good Thanksgiving.

Peter Gabriel released his Scratch My Back project last year, orchestrated versions of cover songs... and today see the release of New Blood, orchestrated versions of his own songs.

Acid House Kings from Sweden keeping releasing new singles from their latest album Music Sounds Better With You (the video I mentioned is below), and speaking of Sweden... ABBA's album Arrival turns 35 years old today.

And we end with a tune from Glen Campbell's last studio album Ghosts On The Canvas.

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Happy Thanksgiving!

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In your wildest dreams

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By request this morning for Dale in Richmond... Hank Snow.

And yesterday Bert Jansch died at the age of 67 - I posted an hour-long documentary on him here - and he was also a member of the group Pentangle, and we hear a tune from both.

The Moody Blues are touring BC... playing in Vancouver tomorrow and Victoria on Saturday, and there's also a second volume of bluegrass covers out called Moody Bluegrass.

And Don in Victoria wanted to hear more Peter Sellers!  This time it's his rendition of Richard III's "Now is the Winter..." as recited by John Lennon (with a little backup from the Baroque Beatles Book).

I'm off on Friday and also on Monday... happy Thanksgiving, and back on Tuesday.

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RIP Bert Jansch

Sad news that Scottish folk icon and influential Bert Jansch has died of cancer at the age of 67.

Below is a documentary called Acoustic Routes that focuses on his life and music from 1992.

part 2 part 3 part 4 part 5 part 6 part 7 part 8

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Cooling the medium

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The weekly podcast is out!  This time it's a classic track by Martha And The Muffins, and on the show today you get to hear a great song from their latest album Delicate.  You can download the podcast directly, or subscribe for past and future episodes (also in iTunes).

Matraca Berg has been nominated for Song Of the Year by the Country Music Association, but criminally she's not nominated for Album of the Year or Female Artist of The Year for her album The Dreaming Fields.

And today is World Teachers Day, and teacher Dan Connor requested a tune by Harvey Andrews for all teachers last year... and I'm playing it again today with a dedication to all teachers.

And happy birthday Mrs Miller!

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Something, anything

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Blackie and the Rodeo Kings to start, with special guest Cassandra Wilson on vocals from their new album Kings And Queens.

And playing Chris Atkins from The Pirate Movie a few weeks ago prompted Carmen in Vancouver to reminisce about the time she saw that movie, won the soundtrack as a door prize, and then she asked for a song from another movie from the 80s... Xanadu!

The Simple Carnival have released the next song in their 3-D DVD/album project, and seeing as  they both have new albums out...we drop in with Daryl Hall as he visits Todd Rundgren's house from his Live At Daryl's House webseries.

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Beauty and reality

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We start with a Grateful Dead tune requested by Tom in Vancouver (who dedicates it to Jeanette) that he saw the lyrics written on the wall of an isolated cabin in the Kalalau Valley.

To celebrate their 20th year as a band, Sloan are giving away a 14-track sampler (for the price of an email address) at Noisetrade - but one person who doesn't need it is Mary Cobham, Sloan-superfan...in particular, she loves Jay Ferguson so much, she wrote this whole album about it...

...which segues nicely into Shawn Colvin covering a Police tune in her own way as Ghost In The Machine turned 30 years old yesterday.

And sad news that Sylvia Robinson died on Friday at the age of 75, and we revisit her big hit with Mickey Baker.