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Inappropriate Wedding Songs

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It started with a tune that Virginia requested by Ian and Sylvia, and after that, the theme of today's programme was clear.

"I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For", "If You Don't Know Me By Now", "D-I-V-O-R-C-E"... there's a million of 'em...and I have a couple for your consideration and enjoyment.

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The paradise

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Happy birthday to In Soo in North Vancouver - her husband Simon wrote in to say her favourite film is Cinema Paradiso, so we have the original soundtrack conducted by the composer Ennio Morricone.

Also, today is National Day of Mourning in Canada, recognizing those hurt or killed on the job.  One tune by Elvis Costello springs to mind immediately for this day, of which there have been many covers but Tasmin Archer does a fine job - followed by a song from James Keelaghan's large catalog of great material.

And we wrap up with a golden Canadian oldie from Ken Tobias.

And it's Great Poetry Reading Day... if you're so inclined to share your prose you can add it in the comments below or email me your poem, like Roland in Courtenay did:

"Out at First"

Some said 'his last game.'
But there was no hesitation in his step,
Three paces to the mound
Fingering the cherished grail
Of the one and holy game that mattered

He scowled back third and short
Who were crowding for the bunt
And muttered , 'that's not where it's comin' down',
But center field was steady and
He knew for sure he'd read the ball he threw.

He threw it high and spinning slow,
The batter grinned, an easy lay to first
But the ball dropped low, too low
Then crack, there is no bunt
But a lifted ball that sails over seconds' head
To kiss the grass and meet the glove of centerfield

-out at first.


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1970s Listening Booth

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We begin with the delicate instrumental side of Gonzales from his Solo Piano album, and then it's Tell A Story Day on the show... and here to do that is... Jethro Tull?!

Also, sad news of Phoebe Snow passing away yesterday - I've got a live recording from the early 90s, backed up by Steely Dan and we wrap with a little Spyro Gyra, who are coming to Whistler in September.

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What's around the corner

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Emmylou Harris's latest album is released today called Hard Bargain, and I start with a tune she wrote for her good friend and Canadian icon of music, the late Kate McGarrigle.

Then something from Kim Richey's latest album Wreck Your Wheels, and Randy Edelman has returned to writing pop music after a very successful 30-year career of scoring films (although he's still going to write scores too).

And today is Hug An Australian Day - and Roland in Courtenay wishes he could be at MCG watching footy.

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ukrainian-easter-egg-32.jpgHappy Easter Monday!  Lots of Easter-themed music, and only one bunny tune (I promise).

We begin with guitar-master Leo Kottke, then on to Sonny Til and the Orioles (famous for "Crying in the Chapel"), and XTC put on a bit of Easter theatre.

And one bunny tune, but it's a good egg from Roy Rogers.

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The Royal We

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Happy 85th birthday to Queen Elizabeth II! We begin with some music that appeared during her cornonation, written by Ralph Vaughan Williams and performed by the Elora Festival Singers.

Then after that accidental nautical theme on Tuesday, two listeners wrote in with similar-themed requests: David in Terrace asked for Brewer and Shipley, and Alan requested Tom Lewis.

And new music of the ear-worm variety from Schuyler Fisk.

I'm off on Friday, but back on Monday.  Have a safe and happy weekend!

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Without Feathers

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Start off with Jory Nash, and a tune that was covered by his good friend Lori Cullen on her new album, and then John in Victoria requested a Neil Young song, not sung by Neil but by Prelude.

Elisapie Isaac has a diverse background influencing her music, and here is the podcast featuring a concert by Elisapie recorded by CBC.

Today is Look-A-Like Day, and one of the most imitated bands is the Beatles, musically and visually - Todd Rundgren and his cohorts in Utopia join in the fun with their album Deface The Music.

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Sailing by

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Don in Victoria wrote in after hearing the Library Music piece from BBC4, in particular to request Ronald Binge's "Sailing By", which has been used to introduce the shipping forecast on BBC for decades.

Also a track from The Good Lovelies new album, and a request for Bruce the Chef for Lyle Lovett, dedicating it to Heather on Lasqueti Island.

And then two snappy jangley tunes from Jonny (a side project of Teenage Fanclub and ex-Gorky's Zygotic Mynci members - the free EP is available for download here) and after a 20 year hiatus The Primitives have returned.

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Congrats to Rose Cousins, who picked up two awards at yesterdays ECMA awards for SOCAN Songwriter of the Year and Best Female Solo for her album The Send-Off.

And regular listening Willie wrote all the way from Paris to request Ol' Blue Eyes, and it goes well with a tune from Georgie Fame.

Tomorrow night at the QE Theater in Vancouver... some of BC's best are holding a benefit concert called Ganbare Japan, featuring The Sojouners, the VSO, Jim Byrnes, Bill and Saffron Henderson, Doug and the Slugs, 54-40, and Mae Moore (to name a few).

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Twenty minutes on Architecture

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Happy birthday Leonardo da Vinci, and anytime I can play Nat King Cole, it's a good time.

And it's anniversary of the Titanic sinking, and ever since Tony in Powell River requested Les Barker last year, I've become quite fond of the track.

Virginia requested a tune by Charlie Daniels Band, and send me an email to enter for the Melanie Doane CD giveaway - drawing two random winners on Monday.  You have until noon today to enter.

By the way, if you're looking for more to listen to, there's a really neat audio documentary on Library Music over at BBC4 (for a limited time).

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It's a great big universe

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Susan Jacks is performing a benefit concert for the Kidney Foundation this weekend on Sunday, a year after she succesfully received a kidney transplant from her brother Billy.

And a new discovery for me (although she's been around awhile) is the new album by Erin Bode.

John Steinbeck published his novel The Grapes of Wrath this day in 1939, and the band who borrowed the name are playing at the Nakusp musicfest later this summer.

And Flashlight Radio have a song for the day, as it's Look Up At The Sky Day.

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Chickens and elephants

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The Silver Seas album Chauteau Revenge! was on my list for fave albums of 2010, and curiously the band have gone back to the studio and re-recorded the whole album acoustically as the 'blue edition'.

Doug in Powell River is looking forward to the new album from Dave Alvin, coming out in June so I've a tune from Dave's previous album, and happy birthday to the late Lowell George of Little Feat.

And this week in April marks the 215th anniversary of an elephant arriving in America for the first time, charged 50 cents to see him ($16 in today's money), and he wasn't even pink.

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Covering the country

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We start off with music from Alison Krauss & Union Station, who are scheduled to play the Vancouver Island Music Fest in July.

The folk supergroup Red Horse are playing there too, but they'll also be in Vancouver this Sunday night at St. James Hall, and Patricia Conroy will be a panelist at the Vancouver Island Music Business conference in June - Vancouver Island is a busy place to be.

And a tune by the Mavericks to celebrate a few space anniversaries today: it's 50th anniversary of human space flight by Yuri Gagarin and the 30th anniversary of the first Space Shuttle launch... 

...and if that wasn't enough, here's a very cool flute duet with Jethro Tull's Ian Anderson & Cady Coleman, who perform from earth and space respectively:


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8-track mind

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Canadian-born and London-based pianist Carly Paradis has released an album of original material; previously she worked with Clint Mansell on the soundtrack for Moon and The Black Swan.

Brand new music from Paul Simon!  His album So Beautiful Or So What comes out tomorrow, and then something in a similar worldy-beat from Alex Cuba.

Happy 8-track Day!  I still have all my 8-tracks in a suitcase (the ones that didn't get eaten) and I'm celebrating by playing one of the first albums I got on 8-track.  For more glorious 8-trackness, make you visit 8-Track Heaven.com

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Eric Whitacre's Virtual Choir 2.0

Eric has released the full-length version of his 2000+ voiced virtual choir performing "Sleep":

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Lots of new music to draw your bird to

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Turns out all the music on today's show are from new releases (or at least the most recent release).

Happy Draw A Bird Day!  Have you noticed how many birds grace the covers of albums?  I thought I should at least participate, so here's my crude attempt I whipped up in a few minutes using my extremely-basic Paint program:


That is one SAD looking bird.  With a wormgut, no less.  I'm sure you can do better... email me yours and I'll put them up here, like Maureen in Chilliwack did:
"a baby eaglet, before fledging" - thanks Maureen!

The Weepies start off with a tune from their newest Be My Thrill album, then to brand new music from Exene Cervenka (who will be a part of the new Blackie & The Rodeo Kings album in June).

Also, Vancouver's The Reckoners will be holding a Japan relief benefit concert tonight at the Helm, and we end with another brand new track from the new Spoons album - yes, the same Spoons!  It's been 21 years since their last.  It makes The Tick happy:


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State of mind

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Music today from Kim Stockwood's latest album, as she heads back to the East Coast where she grew up, and since Kate Bush's Directors Cut doesn't come out until next month, I'm revisiting the original version of "Deeper Understanding" (you can hear the new version below).

Also happy birthday to Janis Ian and it's World Health Day, and Brian Wilson knows all about that.

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Happy 125th Vancouver!

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At the risk of annoying the rest of the province, it's all Vancouver tunes for its 125th birthday!  (Don't worry, I probably won't do this again for at least another five years)

Music from Karen Kelm ("Star of the West"), Tommy Makem, Joe Reisman, Hadyn "Singing Doctor" Deane (with Griff Walker), and The Hard Rock Miners.

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New single from Kate Bush!

Kate Bush is releasing a new album called Director's Cut on May 17 - it is a reworking, or 'directors cut', of her selections from her albums The Sensual World and The Red Shoes.

I'm going to have this on the show soon, but here's your first web-preview of the first single, "Deeping Understanding".

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Sort of a 60's Tuesday

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World premiere this morning of new music from Lori Cullen - she's releasing her latest album That Certain Chartreuse in May, but you can listen to the whole album now at her bandcamp page (as well as her entire catalog).

I recently found a copy of a out-of-print Marti Jones album - she had a minor hit in the early 90's with this song - and I never noticed before how she can sound like Dusty Springfield at times.

Also a tune from Laurie Biagini for this "Vancouver Rain" and happy birthday to Agnetha Faltskog.

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Rainy Monday

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Welcome to the fancy new website!  It will take a little time to port everything over from the old design and I'm sure there will be a few growing pains, so please bear with me.

Request on the show today for Kevin Quain and the Mad Bastards - after Sheryl played it on NXNW, Anthony in Riondel and Roland in Courtenay wanted to hear it again.

Congrats to Helen Austin who was nominated for 5 awards in the upcoming Vancouver Island Music Awards!

40 years ago (yesterday) Severine representing Monaco won the 1971 Eurovision Song Contest.

And here's the TED talk by Eric Whitacre of his upcoming 2000-voice-strong virtual choir:

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Foolish falderal

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Happy April!  And I've got a very special program lined up this morning... no clues on what's on, you just have to listen.

And by the way a whole new website will be launching in this space on Monday.  It will take me a little time to bring over as much as possible from this current site, so enjoy it while you can!