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And in the end...

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I've been overwhelmed by the notes and calls you've been sending, thank you for letting me into your mornings and letting me share my musical offerings these past four years.

Today... music by Karla Bonoff, Laura Allan, Krista Detor... and the last song is by the same group I played for the first song... The Free Design.

Thank you again for everything, for listening... it's been a great run, and I hope to do it again someday.

And also thanks to Rebecca & Trevor on Bowen Island, Norman Dale in Prince George, and Bruce the Chef on Salt Spring and all the Umbraphiles over at Facebook for THIS:

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Salt Spring Island meets West Vancouver

Bruce the Chef and Mike Millard, West Van rep of the Australian Contingent:
Tuesday, June 12th at Bruce's Kitchen, Ganges, Salt Spring Island. B.C.

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Start saying goodbye

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Thank you for all the wonderful emails you've been sending, they truly have left me speechless.

Also, please feel free to drop by the Umbraphiles of Earlier facebook page, if you'd like to meet up with some of your fellow Umbraphiles...or I've left the comments open here.

One more day after today... music by Kimmie Rhodes, Matraca Berg, birthday request from Rudi for The Grateful Dead, and The Goons provide a little bit of levity to the occasion.

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Read the news today... oh boy.

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Yes, it's sad but true... Earlier is coming to a close at the end of this week.

It's been a wonderful experience to do the show for the last four years, but all things must come to an end.  There are many reasons, but I hope you can understand how difficult it was to let go.


And so today's program features The Carpenters, who's A Song For You album turns 40 years old today, and a new discovery for me... even though she's been around for 35 years, Jane Olivor.

Plus two songs that I would best described as 'comfort music' by Beth Nielsen Chapman and Peter Himmelman.

Two days to go, hope you can tune in.

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Today is Anne Frank's 13th birthday, the day she started writing in her journal... 70 years ago, and I have some music from an animated version of her story by Michael Nyman.

Today is also Red Rose Day, so Scottish musician Eddi Reader delivers her interpretation of Robbie Burns - and we haven't heard Hark The Herons for some time... and congrats to lead singer Kalyn Allan, who is getting married!

And for Doug in Powell River who asked for The Collectors, we also dig into the Can-Con 1967 vault for MG and the Escorts.

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Do the Purdie Shuffle

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Start off this Monday with something from a brand new EP from California Haroula Rose..

...and digging into my love of Brit-Funk from the early 80s with The Real Thing and an instrumental from the beginnings of Level 42.

And happy birthday to session drum Bernard "Pretty" Purdie:

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Today's theme of the show is "home".  And here's how it happened...

Doug in Powell River recommended a track by Annie Haslam entitled "Going Home", which is a quite lovely song (based on Dvorak's New World Symphony), and I found out it was her birthday today.

I also noticed that it's the 145th birthday of Frank Lloyd Wright, so I combined the two and so on the show, all songs about "home" starting with Annie, and also from Joni Mitchell, Simon & Garfunkel, Joe Jackson and Roger Miller.

Have a good weekend!

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RIP Bob Welch

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I Sing the Bradbury Electric

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I know he was 91, but it was very sad to learn of Ray Bradbury's passing... and so a little tribute with music from the film version of Fahrenheit 451 by the great Bernard Herrmann.

Brand new track from local artist Laurie Biagini in my inbox yesterday, so that's on the show... and a request rom Rob in Lone Butte for Trini Lopez!

And Herb Reed, the founder of the Platters died earlier this week... and since Ray Bradbury was good friends with Stan Freberg, I have Stan's "tribute" to the Platters as well.

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Ray Bradbury RIP

The influential sci-fi author has passed away at the age of 91.  Here's a letter he wrote to schoolteacher William Stanhope (via Letters of Note):