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Canada Post is helping Dragons' Den pitchers grow their businesses!

Dragons’ Den pitchers, past and present, are sharing their small business secrets to success. Watch each week to find out how Canada Post Solutions for Small Business is helping these businesses grow with marketing, shipping and eCommerce solutions!


Toni Desrosiers pitched her reusable food wrap, Abeego, in Season 11. The beeswax product protects food from air, light and moisture but is gas permeable like a peel — which helps food stay fresh longer than using conventional plastic food wrap.

When Desrosiers started Abeego in 2008, her company was shipping about five packages a week. Now, she says they’re shipping hundreds a week. Abeego has been a Canada Post Solutions for Small Business member since “forever.” The company has customers everywhere and that’s why they love shipping with Canada Post. “[It’s] one of the only service providers that delivers mail to very remote locations,” said Desrosiers.

Convincing consumers to go against conventional knowledge of food wrap hasn’t been a breeze, but Canada Post allows Abeego to offer free shipping to their e-commerce customers which eliminates that final barrier to making a purchase. “I thrive when I start seeing people thinking in a new way,” said Desrosiers. “And so when we’re shipping hundreds of packages a week, I know that people are changing the way they think about how to keep their food fresh.”


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