“We have a lot of people betting that we will fail, but we’re very excited to prove them wrong.”

When Moses Lam, Roland Hung and Troy Paquette came into the Den in Season 11 claiming their canned Rocky Mountain air product is the next bottled water, they were understandably met with more than a little skepticism.

A gif of Manjit Minhas inhaling air from a can and then giggling.

Michael wasn’t feeling it, Michele wasn’t convinced, Jim didn’t see any potential for profit and Joe called their canned air business a scam. And Manjit? Well, she wasn’t very impressed: “This is the stupidest idea I’ve ever seen.”

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The entrepreneurs behind Vitality Air are used to this kind of criticism. “Our product is a very new concept, and may take some education,” they said in an email interview.

But the trio doesn’t let it deter them. “It's easy to defend our product's value because of the interest both from customers and distributors.”

Roland, Troy and Moses knew from the start that they were sitting on a potential business. All it took was one phone conversation from Moses — the originator of the idea — to convince his current business partners.

Jim Treliving says Vitality Air is a gimmick.

In the Den, they described their bottled Rocky Mountain air as an “affordable luxury” mainly aimed at the billions of people around the world who don’t have access to clean air.

And according to the company, that’s exactly where their primary customer base is.

“The air in Canada is so fresh and so clean, we take it for granted every day. Our largest target markets are China and India, and they love our products there,” the air-preneurs said.

After the Den

“The Dragons don’t understand the product... We were on track to doing around $280,000 in sales when we taped," the trio said. "Now, we are on track to doing much more than that.”

In addition, Vitality Air reports they’ve secured a strong investor. “We landed an investor from Dubai, he gave us half a million, for around 15 per cent.”

Vitality Air pitches on Season 11 of Dragons' Den.

What’s next

With new products in their range, distributors in China, India, Mexico and Japan, and a recent deal with the Korean government for bottling, storing and distributing, the Vitality Air guys say they’re poised for success.

“We have a lot of people betting that we will fail, but we’re very excited to prove them wrong,” they said.

Lesson learned

Their biggest mistake in the Den was attempting to appeal to the Dragons emotions. They should have led with the financial story.

“We should have worked on our numbers a bit more. They’re quite good for a brand new business, and new industry which we created,” they said. For them, the numbers would have shown the validity of the business.


Video: A trio hopes their fresh pitch will help put a Dragon investor in their element.

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