Know Your Dragon: Jim Treliving

Who's Jim's biggest celebrity crush? What was Jim's nickname in the RCMP? What his favourite kind of pizza? Find out in this edition of Know Your Dragon!

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The Password Game

Watch the Dragons square off against each other in a round of Password -- using only business terms. Bonus points if you know what 'disintermediation' means.

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Know Your Host: Dianne Buckner

The Dragons fail miserably when they're quizzed about host Dianne Buckner. And we find out which Dragon Dianne is closest with. It's definitely not David.

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Photobooth with Arlene Dickinson

In our latest edition of Photobooth, Dianne Buckner and Arlene take us on a blast through the past, including Arlene's trip to the front lines in Afghanistan.

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Know Your Dragon: David Chilton

What does David do when he's not making deals in the Den? What's the first record he ever bought? And what was his dream job when he was in high school?

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Photobooth with David Chilton

David comments on his first wife, and explains why he went in on the Luigi the Lovebird deal in this hilarious Photobooth interview with Dianne.

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Photobooth with Vikram Vij

Dianne takes a photographic blast through the past with Vikram as they chat about everything from where he goes to refine his cooking to the lineups outside his restaurant.

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