Launching a business is no small task. No matter how big an idea you think you have, it still takes a lot of work and a ton of cash. Enter the Dragons' Den, where aspiring entrepreneurs pitch their business concepts and products to a panel of Canadian business moguls who have the cash and the know-how to make it happen.

They've all been there themselves, so you better not walk into the Den unprepared. It takes more than passion to convince these boardroom giants that your idea is worth their attention.

The Dragons are ruthless and rightly so — it's their own personal money on the line.

About the Host: Dianne Buckner

Dragons' Den host Dianne Buckner is thrilled that the show has become so incredibly popular with television viewers.

"I've hosted other big ratings winners in my career," said Buckner. "Venture had a big and loyal audience. And way back when I was at CTV, Live It Up! was also extremely popular. But people seem to love Dragons' Den with a passion I've never experienced before."

Buckner started her career as a network host on the popular consumer affairs show Live It Up! She also reported for CTV National News, and was back-up host for Canada AM. She moved to CBC Television in 1991, as a reporter with the award-winning business affairs show Venture, eventually working her way up to host and executive producer of the program. When Venture retired from the airwaves in 2007, Buckner co-created Fortune Hunters for CBC Newsworld, a program focused on entrepreneurship.

In addition to Dragons' Den, she reports on breaking news stories in the world of business for CBC's local six o'clock newscasts across the country, and writes a column for about small business

Frequently Asked Questions

When does Dragons' Den air?
Season 13 of Dragons' Den will premiere on Thursday September 20 at 8 p.m. (8:30 NT) on CBC Television.

I missed the show, where can I watch it?
If you missed an episode, you can watch full episodes online.

How do I pitch to the Dragons?
You have to apply for the show. Each year we open up the audition process to Canadians across Canada. When applications are open, you can apply online or in person to our producers on our audition tour.

Can you give me a Dragons' contact info?
For privacy reasons, CBC will not give this information out.

Why do the Dragons/Dianne Buckner wear the same outfits on each episode?
Every Dragon has multiple copies of the same outfit and wear a new one each day. This is done so that the show can be edited together with pitches from any day during taping, while keeping continuity in the episode. You can find out more about their outfits here»

What's the song that plays at the beginning of the show?
It's "Put Yer Money Where Yer Mouth Is" by Oasis.

I liked a pitch on the show. Can I invest?
If you're an investor looking to invest in a company featured on Dragons' Den, please contact the entrepreneur directly to make any business deals with them.

Is Dragons' Den on Facebook?
Yes! Click here to become a fan of Dragons' Den on Facebook. This is the official fan page set up by CBC and we post information about our series there.

We also have a Facebook group for our biggest fans, the Den Heads.

Is Dragons' Den originally a British show?
Dragons' Den originated in Japan and versions of it have emerged in Britain, Australia, New Zealand, Israel, The Netherlands, Finland, in the Middle East, and of course our own here in Canada.

My question isn't in this FAQ, who do I contact?
Please contact CBC Audience Relations with your question or comment.

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