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A cell phone is an important part of this Japanese DJ's business.

One little gadget, 3.3 billion subscribers -- half the population of the planet! It may fit in the palm of your hand, but the cell phone packs a powerful punch. By the year 2010, an estimated 90% of the world will have cell phone coverage. So what does that mean to all of us who are the foot soldiers in the mobile revolution?

This fast-paced documentary will take you to Tokyo to spend a day with a hip Japanese DJ to see how the mobile phone is not just a cute accessory, but a lifestyle. Sing along with Spice Girl Mel B as she attempts to set the ring tone world record, and find out why billionaire Sir Richard Branson can't live without his cell phone. As he notes, "you can't quite make love on your cell phone, but pretty well everything else you're able to do."

Using cellphones to learn English in India.

We'll take you to rural India, where there's no electricity but children play mobile games to learn English. You'll travel to a remote corner of Rwanda, where the "village phone lady" is helping fellow villagers cross the digital divide and climb out of poverty. In San Francisco, you'll meet the high tech maverick who invented the technology that created the camera phone.

We'll even show you how the cell phone might save your life.

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